Doctor Impossible

Jimmy Olsen of Earth-2 / New 52

Created by Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott

James Olsen, aka Accountable



Earth 2 #18 (Feb. 2014). As Doctor Impossible: DC Sneak Peek: Earth 2: Society (2015)

+ History

Batman releases the Jimmy Olsen from the World Army's cryo-prison. From Earth 2 #18 (2014); art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott.

Little is yet known about the James Olsen of Earth 2. On this world, he is a super-human with the ability to access and maniupulate electronic data. At some point he created the persona called "Accountable." Accountable targeted the World Army, hacked their systems, and released private documents to the world. When he was captured, he was imprisoned in statis a stasis chamber in the Black Basement of their Arkham Command Center.

When that facility was attacked by Superman, Batman appeared intent on freeing two key allies, one of which was Olsen.

Upon being released, Batman asked Olsen to give his assessment of current events. Handing him a phone, he was instantly up-to-date and alerted the others that Parademons from Apokolips were emerging across the planet. (Earth 2 #18)

+ Powers

James Olson has the supernatural ability to access and manipulate electronic data.