Created by Tom Joyner and Bill Marimon

Grant Emerson

Al Pratt (the Atom, father, deceased), Mary Pratt (mother, deceased), ?? (adoptive parents)

Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, JSA All-Stars

Damage #1 (April 1994)

  • Blackest Night: JSA #2–3
  • Damage, 21 issues (1994-95)
  • DCU 2000 Secret Files #1
  • Infinite Crisis #1
  • JSA All-Stars #1–7
  • Justice Society of America v.3 #1–
  • New Titans #0–??



Damage was a doomed hero whose entire life wore a shroud of tragedy. Grant Emerson was the son of the original Atom, Al Pratt. When Al and his wife Mary became pregnant, they agreed to participate in an experiment which hoped to transfer the metagene from one human to another. What they didn't know was that the company, Symbolix, was run by the nefarious Vandal Savage. Mary Pratt died in child birth, and Al was told that the child had died as well. In truth, the baby boy was spirited away and raised by two Symbolix employees, who named him Grant Emerson. (Damage #2)

After his super-powers manifested in his teens, Grant adopted the code name Damage. (Damage #1) He embarked on a quest to discover the identity of his biological parents and befriended Iron Munro, an elder hero who helped the boy in the search. (#6)

found out

Wildcat, Ted Knight, and Jay Garrick meet Damage, the son of Al and Mary Pratt. (#15)

Damage was briefly a member of the Teen Titans when the group was reassembled by Arsenal. (New Titans #0)

After these Titans disbanded, Damage appeared sporadically. He visited the super-hero cemetery called Valhalla, and the grave of Sylvester Pemberton. There he met met the new, young Star-Spangled Kid. (DCU 2000 Secret Files #1)

When the intergalactic conqueror called Imperiex came to Earth, Sand recruited an army of All-Stars to venture to the planet Daxam. During this mission, Damage met the Freedom Fighters. (JSA: Our Worlds at War) He apparently joined up with that group briefly before the team was slaughtered by the Society in Metropolis. Although he survived, Damage's face was irreversably disfigured by the speedster called Zoom, and left for dead. (Infinite Crisis #1)

This second great Crisis was a demoralizing time for the Justice Society. But the JSA's founders were urged by the Justice League to reassemble and train the new generation of heroes. As a hero working in the legacy of a JSA member, Damage was a prime candidate. He was recruited by Hourman and Liberty Belle in Philadelphia, after a battle with Rebel. (Justice Society of America v.3 #1)

Chip firmly on shoulder. From Justice Society of America v.3 #1 (2007); art by Dale Eaglesham and Art Thibert.

During his time with the Justice Society, Grant's disfiguration greatly tarnished his personality. He was prone to outbursts and rebellion. The team helped him find justice for this, and pursued Zoom into Georgia—where there was restraining order against Damage. Green Lantern tried unsuccessfully to stopped Grant from entering the state. Damage took Zoom hostage and it was up to Liberty Belle to talk him down. She disabled Zoom by using her own speed powers to access the Speed Force. In the aftermath, the entire JSA stood behind Damage against law enforcement, who want to take him into custody. (#8)

Apprehending Zoom was the first step toward healing, but Grant could not have predicted that the Third World god named Gog would soon restore his face to normal as well. (#16) The JSA was skeptical of Gog's good deeds, but Grant was buoyed, even finding the confidence to flirt with his teammates, Cyclone (#17) and Judomaster. (#18) Damage and others began evangelizing about Gog's powers which put him at odds with the rest of the JSA. When he was confronted by Stargirl, he turned on her and Atom-Smasher stepped in to stop him. Atom-Smasher (Al Rothstein) had the benefit of growing up with the original Atom, and took it upon himself to educate Grant about his father's legacy. Al took him to the former home of Al Pratt, in Civic City, but this only angered Grant and he destroyed the house. (JSA Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom)

Eventually Earth's heroes had to take down Gog. The angry god reclaimed all his "gifts," including Damage's facial restoration. (??) Despite his disfiguration, Judomaster gave him a kiss. (Justice Society of America v.3 #22)

Soon after this, Damage was killed by a Black Lantern (Jean Loring). (Blackest Night #4) The power of the Black Lantern was to raise the dead and so Damage himself rose again—like a zombie—to plague the JSA. Damage created a diversion and broke into JSA headquarters. (Blackest Night: JSA #2) Damage and the other Black Lanterns were destroyed by a bomb constructed by Mister Terrific. (#3)

At his funeral, Damage was eulogized by Judomaster. She was strengthened by Grant's last words to her, which he had recorded before his death. Judomaster honored him by finding a way to pay for the medical bills of all Damage's victims in Georgia. (JSA All-Stars #7)

+ Powers

Damage can use his internal explosive powers to multiple uses. Most frequently, it manifests in explosive blasts. He can also use this force to propel himself through the air.