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A History of New Gods Comics

Part 6: The New 52 (2011–)

Original text by Sean Walsh

In the 2011 DC event called "The New 52," the DC multiverse was totally rebooted. The multivers of 52 Earths was mapped by Grant Morrison in The Multiversity Guidebook. He and DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, in an interview with Newsarama, described the new New Gods as "a singularity — a single form within all of the multiverse. So while you have multiple interpretations of every other character in these other dimensions and other worlds, the New Gods — there's only one version of the New Gods, and they exist across all planes."

But as with Final Crisis, editorial coordination was lacking and this edict was flatly contradicted by tales within Morrison's own The Multiversity — which was ostensibly the "bible" of the new multiverse.

So while the New 52 marched out with new versions of the primary players (Darkseid, Orion, Highfather, Mister Miracle), The Multiversity picked up threads directly from Final Crisis, presenting different New Gods that were the patrons of Earth-51. Earth-51 was designated by Morrison as the "Jack Kirby universe" and it existed on the opposite side of the multiverse as Earth-6 — that of Stan Lee's Just Imagine comics. (This was an acknowledgement of the real life quarrel between the two iconic Marvel creators.)

A map in the Guidebook shows Apokolips and New Genesis existing in the "Sphere of the Gods," outside the 52 universes. From The Multiversity Guidebook (Mar. 2015):

Highfather: "While we rested... Darkseid took advantage of our divine slumber. He touches many worlds now. He wears many faces."

Lightray: "These other worlds, Highfather..."

Barda: "Each hosting multiple emanations of Darkseid, Lightray. And of us."

These gods of New Genesis upon the events of Earth-51 from the Sphere of the Gods.

By the time The Multiversity saw publication, many Fourth World characters had been reitntroduced into the New 52 — and bearing no resemblance to Morrison's Multiversity pantheon. Perhaps a new day is coming. Later in the Guidebook, Highfather says, "There's nothing we can do ... until our powers return in full. We can only watch and guide."

Note: In the chronology tables below, boldface indicates the character's first appearance in New 52 continuity.

Justice League (2012)

Superman falls to Desaad and Steppenwolf. From Justice League #1 (2011); art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.
Superman battles Darkseid back to Apokolips. From Justice League #1 (2011); art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

The New 52 story launched with an 'Apokaliptic' bang, the secret origin of the Justice League. They were brought together by events orchestrated by Darkseid, beginning with an incursion by a sole Parademon. Batman and Green Lantern pursued the creature (which could change its shape) and found it planting a Mother Box under the streets of Gotham City. The creature shrieked "For Darkseid!" before setting off a blast and killing itself. The heroes were protected by Green Lantern's power and they recovered the Mother Box. (Justice League v.2 #1)

They sought advice from Superman, who was also attacked. After the Flash arrived, they learned that S.T.A.R. Labs had yet another Mother Box. There, scientists Sarah Charles and Silas Stone unknowingly opened a Boom Tube with them and through the portal swept hordes of Parademons. Stone's son Victor was caught in the energies and his body was blown apart. (#2)

Elsewhere the demons engaged Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, while more portals opened. At S.T.A.R., Silas Stone saved his son by bonding him with Promethium; Victor became a conduit for digital information, saw visions of Darkseid, and heard pinging. (#3) He also learned of the Parademons' creation, via harvested organic materials, reprocessed in the service of Darkseid. Victor assimilates the Mother Box teleportational technology and transported all the heroes together heroes just lord Darkseid arrived on Earth. (#4)

Darkseid was several times a human's height. The Flash managed to outrun the Omega Effect but Superman was struck and taken by demons. Batman found another Boom Tube and stepped through to Apokolips. (#5)

On Apokolips, Batman found the lair of Desaad, who with Steppenwolf was attempting to turn Superman into a soldier. When Wonder Woman asked Darkseid his purpose on Earth, he said he was there "For her," but the object of this remained a mystery. She drove her sword into Darkseid's eye, and Aquaman's trident found the other. Cyborg activated his Mother Boxes and returned the Parademons to Apokolips. Batman used the distraction to free Superman, which was just in time for Darkseid's return. Superman pummeled Darkseid until another portal dragged the heroes back to Earth. Darkseid vowed to return, and all the Mother Boxes on Earth were destroyed. (#6)

Issue Writer Artist Characters
Justice League v.2 #1 (Nov. 2011) Geoff Johns Jim Lee A Parademon
Justice League v.2 #2 (Dec. 2011) Parademons
Justice League v.2 #3 (Jan. 2012) Parademons, Darkseid (obscured)
Justice League v.2 #4 (Feb. 2012) Parademons, Darkseid (full)
Justice League v.2 #5 (Mar. 2012) Parademons, Darkseid
Justice League v.2 #6 (Apr. 2012) Darkseid, Desaad, Steppenwolf

Wonder Woman v.4 (2012)

Darkseid retreated to plot bigger incursions while his brother, Highfather of New Genesis, made ready for his own war on Apokolips...

Highfather's son, Orion was sent by Highfather to aid Wonder Woman on Earth-0.

Issue Writer Artist Characters
Wonder Woman v.4 #12 (Oct. 2012) Brian Azzarello Cliff Chiang Orion, Highfather

Earth 2 + World's End (2012)

Mister Miracle's role in the New 52 began on a parallel Earth instead of the mainstrem DCU (Earth-0). Scot Free and Barda fled Apokolips and sought sanctuary on Earth-2.

Six Years ago: Amid the Apokolips invasion, Mr. 8, the smartest man on Earth and eighth wonder. The heroes discover that Steppenwolf has unleashed a mind-control known as Anti-Life turning people into slaves. There is an unnamed wonder. Mr. 8 plotted to destroy the infected cities. He created opal kryptonite to turn Superman against Wonder Woman. He'd been looking for a gateway to Apokolips and found parallel worlds and glimpses of the future (he thinks), one with Mr. Terrific murdering Hal Jordan; one with a Magog-like figure. He sees a greater danger than Apokolips in their future. When he set off his bombs, the Earth was left looking like Apokolips, with giant smoking craters. He retreats to the ninth dimension (Earth 2 #0)

at some point before this, Steppenwolf seduced Wonder Woman, and she bore them a daughter, Donna, aka Fury.

The Earth-2 story began similarly to that of Earth-0 (aka Prime Earth), except that Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman died in the effort to stop an invasion from Apokolips. With the help of their Supergirl and Robin, they fought a relentless invasion by Steppenwolf and the Parademons. Lois Lane and the Amazon race were slain.

Batman devised a virus to take down their alien technology but died in the resulting explosion. Wonder Woman was impaled by her former lover's sword. And Superman was killed by Parademons. Afterwards, a Supergirl and Robin leapt into a Boom Tube that appeared, taking them (and Desaad) to Earth-0. (Earth 2 #1)


Earth 2: World's End + Future's End

The New Gods also appear prominently in The New 52: Future's End, but this story is set in a possible future.

Issue Writer Artist Characters
Earth 2 #1 (July 2012)     Steppenwolf
Earth 2 #8 (Mar. 2013)     Steppenwolf, Fury
Earth 2 #11 (June 2013) James Robinson Nicola Scott Mister Miracle, Big Barda
Worlds' Finest #10–26 (May 2013) Paul Levitz various Desaad
Earth 2 Annual #1 (Aug. 2013)     Kanto (mentioned)
Earth 2 #14 (Sept. 2013)     The Hunger Dogs: Bedlam, Brutaal, the Beguiler (1st app.)
Earth 2 #15 (Oct. 2013)     Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Shilo Norman (mentioned)
#15.1     Desaad
#16     Steppenwolf
#23, 25, 26 (July 2014)     Bedlam, Big Barda, Fury
#28     Big Barda, Desaad, the Furies
Earth 2: World's End
#1 (Dec. 2014)     Steppenwolf, Fury, Mister Miracle and Barda
#2     Court of Apokolips. Paternus, Rectifier, small Lowest, and gangly Arcanis, Mister Miracle, Bedlam.
#3     Mister Miracle, Bedlam, Barda and Fury
#4     Mister Miracle, Barda and Fury
#5     Desaad
#6     Miracle and Barda
#7     Desaad, Mister Miracle
#9     Mister Miracle, Barda, Fury, Paternus
#10     Desaad, Apokolips, Mister Miracle, Darkseid
#11     Barda, Darkseid, the Court of Apokolips, Fury
#12     Barda, Darkseid, Mister Miracle,, Fury

Infinity Man and the Forever People (2014)

The Forever People of the New 52 were reconceptualized band of students from New Genesis. They studied under Headmaster Himon, who sent them to Earth on a mission. In this reality, Serifan was changed into "Serafina," the sister of Vykin.

Students are encouraged to be a light to the children of the multiverse. Serafina, Dreamer, and Mark Moonrider prepare for a mission but their Mother Box won't activate. Vykin and Azur Te come, he and Mark hate each other. Vykin Baldaur is Serafina's brother. Mark thinks HF controls the youth. Vykin's touch activates the Box. Headmaster Himoncomes to see the team off, the Box is linked to Vykin inductee to Highfather's Elite Youth. Mark Moonrider, reellious. Dreamer Beautiful, no recrods found, non-physical anomaly found. They're greeted by Big Bear in Venice Beach, California. He uses Kirby, a communal reconstruction bio engien to maintain an alien environment, an AI. Mantis and his minions attack a farm in Sudan run by billionnaire Omar Bashri. (Infinity Man and the Forever People #1)

In her sleep, Dreamer conjures a form of Darkseid. She dreamt of a word, Taaru. Bear works with Kirby to puzzle why Feast of Eden, their project in the desert, went wrong. They go there, their contact is Omar Bashri.They're ambushed by Mantis' bug soldiers. Vykin, Orion Class 7 warrior with the ability to controli his own Density. Moonrider possessor of the megaton touch, force of raw explosive power. Serafina Baldaur with bio-bursts to startle, confuse, and blind. Big Bear no much known before joinnig the academy. Has claws on his gloves and transforms into more animal like when aroused. He is 'hidden' among the people of NG. Has had prior teams on Earth. As Mantis attacks, the mother Box hums to life and transforms. They all sense something in common and recite the word Taaru unleashing great force and the Infinity Man.


After the IM leaves the Forever People awake back on Earth and their Mother Box is inert. The monitors around them repair automatically and broadcast a message from the Infinity Man. It warns of a corruption wrought by both Apokolips and NG trying to impose their own order, against the oppression of the 'two brothers.' He releases Mantis on them challenging them to show their worth. Mantis is revealed to be their ally, Bashir, who's evolved. Mark's power drives him off. In Dreamer's mind, she meets her power, an astral skull the Anti-Life. Her connection to it has drawn attention of others. It shows her a ceremony of Aagog trying to violate her. It invites her to rule with it. Himon is alerted by ?? about the Infinity Man's appearance. Himon ushers him out. He says to Azur Te that he had given them a defective Mother Box that Vykin fixed. Now she's ordered to go take care of things. On Earth, the FP's MB creates a massive explosion when they try to Boom. #3

Scarecrow in the country resembles the original Serifan's outfit. The Boom Tube deposits them somewhere else,Ventura California, where they meet Batcow, who seems to direct them the way home. It gives Serafina the scarecrow's hat. On NG, army is trained on the lantern corps. HF wants students recalled but Headmaster Himon argues the worth of the Eaerth mission. He's confronted by the IM accuses him of lying and attempting to prevent his return. IM is here to help HF. Azur Te is waiting for them. Mark turns to fight with Vykin and Serafina steps between. Doctor Skuba inspects their pool. Serafina also has Cosmic Cartridges, sends one at Skuba. Sweet Leilani watches them arrive too, report to Aagog. Guy Garnder arrives.


In the final day men threw themselves on the Promethan Wall as penance. When Yuga Khan died and Highfather and Darkseid proclaimed themselves New Gods. Izaya and Uxas, brothers, fought Yuga who held the Anti-Life and reanimated the gods they'd slain. Izaya firstborn. Uxas struck killing blow in the back so their race was born in betrayal. Aagog of NG preaches to others now that the resulting war between brothers was more devastating than that before. When questioned he strikes down the man with a small portion of Anti-Life. Aagog wants Yuga Khan to return to unite them again. Big Bear attacks Guy. Vykin is a direct descendant of the living atoms of Baldauur, pure bloodline of the New Gods, immune to red energy. Mark refuses to join the fight because it looks like Highfather's problem. As their MB begins to sing again, it's imprisoned by two Green Lanterns, Bd'g and


IM is called forth and turns Guy's power back on him, puts him to sleep. He pauses on King Faraday, who summoned him in some way, their lives will intersect soon. Bd'g approaches thge FP saying the matter isn't about Highfather but the IM and their connection, offers help if they need it. Big Bear concludes that if they want to be free of the IM, they must kill HF.


Skuba emerged with water powers and fought Serafina. On New Years' Eve, Mark was down. They meet each other on the beach and share a kiss, then she leaves. Then he's approached by Sweet Leilani, a 'neighbor' on roller skates. She reveals herself as agent of Aagog then Thumpa Killsandra and Enchanthrax emerge as well. Leilani is leader of the Femmes Fatales.


Dreamer awakes fearing for Mark and the MB locates him. The Fatales present Mark to Aagog who tries to convert him. Anti-Life was Yuga's power to bring order. He orders Mark killed. Leilani and Killsandra were membvers of Darkseid's Elite squad. Dreamer saves Mark with her dark power, the Anti-Life and revives him from death. She dispatches the Femmes. Days later the Femmes are found by Granny Goodness in space with Lashina. The Femmes were once her finest. On Earth Bear is approached by IM who emerges from Kirby.


Before the IM's birth, continents of NG lay scorched and Izaya called into question. He began idealistic and valued life. Izaya and a doomed companion disguised themselves as Parademons to take out a Parademon horde nest. They dump their cargo and flee on aero discs. His bomb succeeded in destroying them but was dejected; their planet was a wasteland. Himon used his powers to take them to witness the Promethean Giants that stnad at the edge of the multiverse, at the Source Wall. There a piece of rock floats with an obelisk, a Source shard, only remaining piece of the original Source Wall. There barrier is thinnest. It tells him something he says he cannot do trade his son for Darkseid's. He railed in anger. Avia's death. He is transformed by it into Highfather, a legacy. He is both merged with the shard and cleaved. Part of his peaceful essence becomes the avatar of the shard the Infinity Man the conscience he surrendered. One day it will take back "what is his". He encourages Big Bear to help Highfather, be a shepherd not a warrior. (#9)

Future's End

Mark awakes to find Dreamer they are in the Cadmus Singularity, a neutral territory after the second Lantern War, peace between Apokolips and New Genesis. mark had Dreamer use her powers to resurrect Yuga Khan for his master, Aagog. The others left a year ago. They're beset by Parademons. The team had summoned IM one last time to fight OMAC, a bastardized creation of New Genesis. IM was captured. Mark and Dreamer are not corporeal. AFter resurrecting him she couldn't bear to lose him again so keeps him there. He attempts to leave that realm and is destroyed (?)She revives her own self in order to revive him again. (Infinity Man and the Forever People: Future's End #1)

Issue Writer Artist Characters
Infinity Man and the Forever People
#1 (Aug. 2014) Keith Giffen & Dan DiDio Keith Giffen Azur Te, Big Bear, Dreamer, Himon, Highfather, Mantis, Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin
#2 (Sept. 2014) Tom Grummett Big Bear, Darkseid, Dreamer, Infinity Man, Mantis, Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin, Mantis
#3 (Oct. 2014) Jim Starlin Aagog, Azur Te, Big Bear, Dreamer, Himon, Infinity Man, Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin
Infinity Man and the Forever People: Future's End #1 (Nov. 2014) Philip Tan Big Bear, Dreamer, Infinity Man, Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin
#4 (Dec. 2014) Keith Giffen Azur Te, Big Bear, Dreamer, Highfather, Himon, Infinity Man, Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin, Sweet Leilani, Doctor Skuba
#5 (Jan. 2015) Tom Grummett Azur Te, Big Bear, Dreamer, Darkseid (Uxas), Highfather (Izaya), Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin, Yuga Khan
#6 (Feb. 2015) Tom Grummett & Daniel HDR Azur Te, Big Bear, Dreamer, Infinity Man, Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin
#7 (Mar. 2015) Julio Ferreira & Daniel HDR Azur Te, Big Bear, Dreamer, Infinity Man, Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin, Doctor Skuba. Femmes Fatales: Enchanthrax, Killsandra, Sweet Leilani, Thumpa
#8 (Apr. 2015)
Scott Hanna & Tom Grummett Azur Te, Big Bear, Dreamer, Infinity Man, Mark Moonrider, Serafina, Vykin, Enchanthrax, Killsandra, Sweet Leilani, Thumpa. Granny Goodness, Lashina
#9 (May 2015) Keith Giffen  

Godhead Crossover (2014)

"Godhead" was a three act megacrossover among the Green Lantern titles of the New 52. It began with a Special, then ran through three months of each title, and culminated in the Green Lantern Annual #3 (2014).

In "Godhead," Highfather targeted the rings of every Lantern corps in a quest to create the Life Equation, a force he believed was strong enough to defeat Darkseid. Unlike his original counterpart, the New 52 Highfather was hellbent on waging war to stop his brother, Darkseid, at any cost. He learned the folly of his passions ...

Godhead Act 1, Part 1: Amid multi tiered firmament a world was shaped where waters boiled with light and from it sprang life. Old Gods ruled all eventually they succumbed to warring and were all destroyed from within. New worlds formed and were peaceful but for one dark heart. Brother came to oppose to brother, two "gods" for the soul of the cosmos. After seven days of war, dead outnumbered the living but Darkseid was stalemate and he retreated into the multiverse. Highfather remained to build New Genesis, golden island above the desolate world. Now HF and Metrongo to the Source Wall. The beginning was the word, the Source. Whoever touches it is consumed by it. Relic is in it, unique. Wall was breahced by team of Lanterns. On NG children taught to fearApokolips. HF gathers Council of Eight with Orion, Bekka, Lightray, Uggha, Hyalt, Shadowfall, Malhedron. Commanded by HF to claim seven rings of light to use together and create the Life Equation. Bekka steals yellow ring from the corps. Shadowfall from Larfleeze. lightray from Star Sapphires. Uggha from Indigo; Red Lantern surrenders to Malhedron; Orion and Metron from Saint Walker and Mogo but Hal Jordan intercepts him. HF unleashes the Life Equation on Aydin, a gutter world. Instead the people become monsters. It doesn't work and they conclude they need the White Lantern instead.

Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead


Godhead Act 1, Part 2: Metron hacks GL computer on Oa for info on Kyle. Confrontation at Source Wall they see an army through Tube to NG., one Lantern killed.

Green Lantern


Godhead Act 1, Part 3: Uggha runs into John Stewart's band. metron thinks he's found Kyle.

Green Lantern Corps


Godhead Act 1, Part 4: Kyle brought secret of Life Equation back to normal space with him when he returned now people want it. Guardians say New Gods are older than they. HF finds them there as the Guardians attempt to keep Kyle from returning again. HF convinces he and Carol Ferris to go with him.

Green Lantern: New Guardians


Godhead Act 1, Part 5: Malhedron leads the Wheel (Kor, Rad, Dia) to Earth where they put down Shahkavat, who claims to be a god on Earth. turns attention to Guy Gardner, in mission to eradicate ring bearers. HF recalls them home.

Red Lanterns


Godhead Act 1, Part 6: Sinestro learns from Despotellis their attacker was Bekka, general of NG. She now wars on the Indigos and John Stewart.



Godhead Act 2, Part 1: NG described as untouchabel, unreachable plane. Orion commands the Divine Guard and insulted that HF will not enlist Orion to engage Darkseid. Hal recruits the Black Hand.

Green Lantern


Godhead Act 2, Part 2: on Zamaron Sapphires attacked by Shadowfall and his archers. Weaponers of Qward and John come to their aid. Others regroup on Oa with Sinestro. Shadowfall unmased as a woman. They create a net around all the others, wants to take them all to NG for conversion. Dying queen asks John to take her ring, the first male.

Green Lantern Corps


Godhead Act 2, Part 3: Kyle wants to give up the ring and the Life Equation, they come to NG. HF wants to defeat Darkseid on Earth then remake the universe beginning there. Carol attacks but expends her power then deposits on the planet's surface. He and Bekka go to Muz for a test which transforms them into obedient soldiers.

Green Lantern: New Guardians


Godhead Act 2, Part 4: Malhedron is from Apokolips. He warns Highfather that there may be a balance with Darkseid, is it necessary? He confesses to his lover is Dia, a withered woman warrior, HF reminded him of Darkseid. The Wheel are her sisters. Cyborg helps Guy and Simon Boom Tube to NG, into Malhedron and Dia's chamber. HF stops the battle put sthem in a Miracle cell.

Red Lanterns


Godhead Act 2, Part 5: Bekka's chief is in love with her. Sinestro followers her across space in light form, taunts her into becoming one of his. They find Indigo-1 has betrayed them and appear in the presence of Orion on NG.



Godhead Act 3, Part 1: New Gods keep the Singularity Stockage, a multiversal prison. Stewart and Sinestro's troops have wound up there. Orion has AI called A4 guiding him. Hal and Black Hand meet at Source Wall Sinestro was supposed to be there, but they find Orion instead. Hand resurrects dead Lanterns to help against his Divine Guard. (Green Lantern #37)

Godhead Act 3, Part 2: Indigo-1 allied with Highfather because she agrees the universe must be controlled. The singularity prison arrives and HF "elevates" a slew of Lanterns with his new power but they are subservient. The plan is to empower Earthlings so they can defeat DArkseid again. Malhedron makes a move against Highfather because it reminds him too much of Darkseid himself, no freedom only to obey. He Booms away with the lead Lanterns. John returns to defy him and battles Uggha and wins. (Green Lantern Corps #37)

Godhead Act 3, Part 3: Metron comes to the aid of Kyle and Carol. he reveals a Mother Box to them in the rubble. They go to John anb Saint and they defeat some guardsmen. HF apparently destroys them. Malhedron goes to try to restore the Lanterns' rings. Guardian calls "capsule reality in which the New Gods reside." they can defy the prison's power. (Green Lantern: New Guardians #37)

Godhead Act 3, Part 4: Guy and Baz escape the Miracle Cell and come to in the presence of Malhedron who fills them in. Hyalt is holding what rings they took. Guy regains another red ring and has the power to take him down. They claim all the others as well. (Red Lanterns #37)

Godhead Act 3, Part 5: Sinestro unleashes Parallax on Orion and attempts to control his Mother Box, which are attuned to one genetic composition. Purple ring returns to Carol Ferris as Sinestro finds her and the other Lanterns. Metron advises Highfather as they ready to invade Earth. Bekka warns of Earth peoples' passion to fight. Sinestro confronts him directly then to counsel him against invasion lest he be defeated. He unleashes a construct of Darkseid from his ring but Sinestro is forced to flee, Life Equation too powerful. (Sinestro #8)

Godhead Finale: Orion battled on two fronts in same timeframe. Black Hand touches Relic without becoming entombed and releases many of the dead from the Source Wall. He controls them. Highfather's Tube opens to the Source Wall instead of Earth and Metron cannot close it. Sinestro goes through it to warn Hal who is with Orion. They return back to NG with the undead horde who crush the Guard. Orion calls his glider A4. Relic affects Black Hand's power which releases the beings from the Wall back to free will and life. They were not dead but suspended. Guardians tell Rayner he's only being to ever journey beyond Source Wall. HF has used Kyle's innate conduit for power. The ring isn't the power source, HF only made Kyle believe that. He must reclaim the Life Equation. He draws HF onto another plane and tells him he is becoming Darkseid. HF turns and challenges Kyle to reassert his possession of the Equation. As NG falls under damage from the Source Titans; he banishes them. Saint Walker regains sense of hope, and his ring, which empowers Hal to stop the city from freefall. He sets it down on the planet. HF orders Orion to stand down, admits to erring, bows to the Lanterns. Hal offers help rebuilding but HF needs to rebuild his peoples' trust. Something emerges from the Source Wall. (Green Lantern Annual #3)

Issue Writer Artist Characters
Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead #1 (Dec. 2014) Robert Venditti, Charles Soule, Cullen Bunn, Van Jensen and Justin Jordan Pete Woods, Billy Tan and Rags Morales Bekka, Highfather, Hyalt, Lightray, Malhedron, Metron, Orion, Shadowfall, Uggha
Green Lantern v.5 #35–37 (Dec. 2014–Feb. 2015) Robert Venditti Billy Tan, Rob Hunter, Francis Portela Metron, Highfather, Orion
Green Lantern Corps v.3 #35–37 (Dec. 2014–Feb. 2015) Van Jensen Bernard Chang Highfather, Malhedron, Metron, Shadowfall, Uggha
Green Lantern: New Guardians #35–37 (Dec. 2014–Feb. 2015) Justin Jordan Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy Highfather, Metron,
Red Lanterns #35–37 (Dec. 2014–Feb. 2015) Charles Soule J. Calafiore Malhedron and the Wheel — Kor, Rad, Dia
Sinestro #6–8 (Dec. 2014–Feb. 2015) Cullen Bunn Dale Eaglesham and Rags Morales Bekka
Green Lantern Annual #3 (Feb. 2015) Robert Venditti Billy Tan  

Multiversity ()


Justice League: Darkseid War (2015)

For Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips, you conform or die. Now born into his realm is an anomaly who looks to challenge that. A trickster, who will go to any length to survive even if it means sacrificing worlds to do it--leading to an Earth-shattering confrontation between The Man of Steel and a Dark Lord.

Justice League


Darkseid war prelude: Metron narrates quoteing Gandhi, worlds live worlds die, remade. Says the birth cycle of the universe is ongoing but that it has accelerated and its fabric is losing cohesion. He appears on Earth and foresees a war between two powerful evil beings. He has had the Mobius Chair almost as long as existence. He speaks of Apokolips and New Genesis, the first time he broke his silence ws in their war. He is loyal to neither. Once a century the orbits come near and earthquakes occur. To avert it Metron spoke to Darkseid and broker a pact. Darkseid will not stop until he controls everyone. Metron proposes he and Highfather choose sons to exchange. D has many and it would not affect his desire for war, though it would stop Highfather. Scot overheard the convesation with Highfather and begged his father not to send him. On neutral ground the exchange was made for Orion who had no fear. Scot was met by STeppenwolf then put into slave camps. Then later the Anti-Monitor roseand brought about the end. He reviews the changes in the multiverse. He goes to Earth-3 to find the Anti-Monitor, aka Mobius, whos destroyed it. Chair protects him from his power. He is cursed to be a destroyer. Metron proposes another pact between them. If he'll stop attacking earth, Metron will cease observing him and try to find a way to restore Mobius to "normal." But Mobius sees the only way but Darkseid stands in the way. His death is key. He's allied with Darkseid's dauther, Grail, who strikes Metron down. New Gods end, Anti-God begins. Justice League #40

Darkseid War, part 1: Kanto and Lashina come to Earth to kill Myrina Black, not stopping at one of them. He's been there before, appreciates Italian culture. He controls a dagger at will which contains his Mother Box. Mister Miracle narrates. At 7 he was traded. Being forgotten was an advantage. He mastered lock picking venturing out eventually not returning. He fell in love then escaped. His given name is Scot but on Earth Scott Free, Mister Miracle. Now he breaks into Darkseid's throne room. D's defeat by the JL was first time and he's been searching for power to return. Scott needs the people who defeated him. Himon helped him, he who sowed seeds of revolution, changed his and Barda's minds. His Mother box gathers information on Black. D finds him remarks on his colors, srikes him with Omega beams. He knows about Barda whom Scot stole from the Furies. Box helps him escape. Leaguers remember their youth and longings. Now they investigagte Black's murder because they sensed the Boom Tube. Goes straight to protect Black. Mentions Mad Harriet. Lashina's ribbons are haunted by its victims. Kanto killed Himon. Takes their coordinates finds the Amazon Myrina Black, Grail's mother. Superman and Luthor look in on Neutron who's dying. Grail uses the Flash's frequency to open a portal to Earth. She tells Wonder Woman she's an Amazon. Lex's sister Lena shoots him she obeys a Mothter Box from Darkseid. Grail brings forth shadows from Jessica's ring and summons the Anti-Monitor. #41

Darkseid War, part 2: LEx and Superman arrive on Apokolips, Darseid notices, with STeppenwolf and Desaad. He wants Superman's soul, orders slaves to kill him. Commands readying Furies, Mantis, Kalibak (his firstborn). Anti-Monitor and Grail await Darkseid's arrival. Metron follows them. Myrina tells Scot she was an Amazon, chosen assassin. In her mission temple hidden amid the modern world, protected from Red Panzer and Minister Blizzard. She refuesed to "hide" on Themyscira. She prepared to fight the dark god by having his daughter then sent her to find a being to kill Darkseid. He can't join her the price too high. She moves to kill him then, has a great gryphon. Stabs him in the side, he Booms out. Metron brings JL to the Rock of Eternity which is hidden from the gods. Wonder Woman compels truth about AM, to learn it they must take the chair from him. She removes him then Batman sits, gains omniscience. Learns true identity of the joker "that's not possible."

Justice League


Darkseid War, part 3: Steppenwolf gathers savage Kalibak who kills dogs for sport. He is not blindly loyal to his father, has his own aims. Batman assumes godhood and ownership of chair. Superman begins losing his power. When struck by a fire pit, he's infused with dark energy, becomes a negative version of himself. Kanto and Lashina arrive too late to find Black, smash her armor that looks like Diana's. Grail summons Darkseid with her own blood.He comes with his hordes. Myrina left the island the night Diana was born, which is when Grail was also born. Miracle finds them, binds Metron while the rest go searching for answers. Darkseid is several times the height of humans, Kalibak a bit shorter.

Justice League


Darkseid War, part 4: Batman and Green Lantern go to Earth-3 where 5 billion died, their energies absorbed. Next to Qward, birthplace of the Anti-Monitor. Batman senses Mobius' origins, he sought to see the forbidden and was cursed. Batman sees free will at the center of the universe from white light splintered into gods and men. Mobius unleashed the force at the source of creation, the Anti-Life Equation in his veins. There is no free will in the Antimatter universe. Grail has vision powers, takes out Kalibak's eyes. Darkseid must die for the AM to be renewed. The battle forces Darkseid to call the Black Racer. It needs a host to bend to his will, takes the Flash. AM strikes Darkseid with Anti-Life power and the Black Racer takes his soul. Shazam is overtaken by new gods.

Justice League


Darkseid War, part 5: Mister Miracle's Mother Box confirms that Darkseid wi dead. His hordes left. The Black Racer is a weapon, captured death or an aspect of it when he first took control of Apokolips. Can only communicate with it via a sentient host. Hosts are bound for eternity but Flash claims to like it. Superman God of Strength abandons Luthor on Apokolips, he's found by locals, Ardora, leader of the Forgotten People. Blind prophet predicted a human on the night of D's death. They want to collect the Omega Effect when it returns, in Luthor. He becomes the God of Apokolips. Batman prepares to return to Earth Green Lantern is wracked with pain, Parademons who roam free now, drawn to bright light. Shazam becomes God of Gods, new gods call to him. Kalibak, Kanto and Lashina come for them. Myrina and Grail watch as the Anti-Monitor transforms back into Mobius.

Justice League


Darkseid War, part 6: The JL face the New Gods Kalibak, Kanto, Steppenwolf, Lashina. Scott struck by the dagger. Big Barda arrives to help. She takes doen Kanto quickly. Scot declares she is his wife. They're supposed to be on honeymoon. They can't be seen together for fear Granny will find out. She no longer cares. She questions Lashina's lingering loyalty and proposes a clean slate. Leave them be and they'll do the same. Kalibak wants to find the Anti-Monitor instead. Metron in the Rock of Eternity. Grail and Myrina continue to watch the shadow demons protect Mobius. Wonder Woman proposes recruiting the Crime Syndicate to help them. Ultraman and Superwoman in Belle Reve, no one can get in to them but easy with a Boom Tube. Diana's never heard of Myrina. She tells Steve she's not in love with Superman only friends. Superman reappears attacks Steve. Mobius separates from the Anti-Life Equation, as Grail expected and now she can take it for herself--because death is too good for Darkseid.

Justice League


before JL #46 When the god of evil died, creation rippled Shazam's connection to his gods blinked and new gods moved in. His powers now different as well. When he utters the word he gets only to Shaz when he's transported to the Source where he meets Anapel. The wizard grants Billy his title but the power of Shazam is in his agreement with other gods who lend their might. Before the Wizard gathered another six tragedy struck in the form of Zonuz the original god of evil, butcher. After an era he fell to his equal, his son Darkseid, and returned to the Source. He wants to escape. This was Yuga Khan. . S'ivaa is dancer of destruction gives strength of the old gods of Urgrund. He says when he meets Zonuz he will find him fighting with the wizard for all their powers. Next Ate goddess of impulse. Then H'ronmeer of Mars. Completes the word "--am" and finds the battle. Yuga took an honorific title of terror. Billy summons the lightingn points out the staff is a rod not a generator. The powers are in Shazam not a staff. Another bolt fells him. Wizard says he's a god and can't die is disappointed Billy isn't more mature. The wizard is Mamaragan, a thunder god of the cdreamtime whose fate led him to the council of Eternity and a new name "Wizard." Now he is one of the empowerers.

Justice League: The Darkseid War: Shazam


Jimmy Olsen tries to help Superman control his anger. but he realizes his blackness is infecting his surroundings

Justice League: The Darkseid War: Superman


before #46 Flash tries to run from the Black Racer, who wants their ujntion to become permanent by Barry taking a single life. He chooses the Racer itself and apparently succeeds. Buyt without a tether it spreads uncontrolled, will eventually kill everything. So he rebonds with it.

Justice League: The Darkseid War: The Flash


Batman dispenses creative justice wiht the omniscience of the chair. He visits the scene of his parents' murder but is but a phantom. He goes to Joe Chill in jail who confesses to as many as forty murders. Batman reveals his identity to him then makes him forget. The chair harms him if he disobeys it.

Justice League: The Darkseid War: Batman


Darkseid War, part 7: Batman refuses to leave the chair.Green Lantern has given up his powers, separated from the Mother Box. Mister Miracle and Big Barda break in to find Ultraman. Cyborg and Power Ring find Superwoman. Jessica taken overy by Volthoom. Grail takes the Anti-Life and she needs Steve Trevor, first man to tread Themyscira. The lasso restores some sanity to Superman but the energy is destroying him. Batman calls for them to regroup. Mobius emerges anew and wants his chair. Power Rign downloads Grid into Cyborg. Superwoman strikes back at Scot and Barda. Owlman rejoins them saying they all need to work together.

Justice League


Darkseid War, part 8: Kryptonite no longer bothers Superman so he gives a piece to Ultraman (Kal-Il). Anti-Life fused with Mobius to make the AM and he became a destroyer. Flash foresees death. Hal calls in the Green Lantern Corps to help against Mobius who topples Batman as his demons sweep Gotham City. Superwoman's lasso compels submission. The supermen attack after the GLC. Grail takes Trevor. Mobius kills Ultraman with energy from his own hands. Luthor returns from Apokolips with Parademons. Superwoman begins labor. Continues in JL: DW #1

Justice League


Lex recalls hunting with his father, falling down a well, needing help to get out. He didn't get the hang of that and instead became a hunter in the business world. He owns the Daily Planet, opposed by Perry White. He wouldn't accept saving from Superman, nor from Ardora now. He's absorbed the Omega Effect. Ardora shows him their settlement where life is lived under death and despair. They see opportunity for change. He was prophesied to come. An army of Parademons awaits his order.

Justice League: The Darkseid War: Lex Luthor


Darkseid War, part 9: Owlman helps lead the effort against Darkseid. Mobius fights Luthor to get to his chair. Inside Power Ring, Jessica works with Victor he was downloaded when he connected with the ring. The deceased Power Ring Corps are there to haunt them. Barda wants to return to Apokolips to free the slaves. He won't abandon Earth. She booms away/. Superman unleashes the alien solar energy in a great burst, restoring him to normal. Superwoman gives birth to a boy. Grail returns and activates power in Steve Trevor that incinerates Mobius49

Darkseid War, part 10: The Anti-Life has taken root inside Steve who engages with Diana. Grail targets Scot but Lanterns converge on her. Superwoman's child's father was Alexander Luthor, aka Mazahs. When she utters his name, the baby is infused with lightning and unleashes it, which transfers the powers of Apokolips out of Luthor and Superman. The baby can absorb all eneregy even that of the gods. Grail kills Superwoman with an eye blast and takes the child, uttering the magic name again to strike at the Flash, separating him from the Black Racer but cannot absorb its power. It's not energy but a sentient entity so it doesn't work. Victor bypasses control of Jessica's body giving her a second to stand inbetween the Racer and Flash, taking his death touch. Steve was not the first man to touch Themyscira which is why he can resist. She takes the Anti-Life back from him and installs it into the child, restoring Darkseid. She believes she has control over him but he resists. Diana says to slaughter an enemy then return them in a chosen host is an ancient Amazon ritual. New Darkseid has all the gods' powers now. Hal gives Bruce his ring, the will to overcome the chair. They're separated and Owlman takes it instead, and Grid with him, inside it, releasing Cyborg. Barda returns with the Female Furies and the Elite! Bernadeth and Mad Harriet, Stompa Lashina, Kanto, Steppenwolf, Kalibak. Myrina advises Diana. Batman learned that the Anti-Life Equation has the power to control every living being in the universe--ort to control Darkseid. If they can separate them the power will disperse but only Grail can do that. Myrina encourages her to unleash her power, eye beams cut through Myrina and into Darkseid, separating him from the AL. Jessica is chosen by a GL ring; Volthoom died, not her. Barda must maintain a front with her soldiers, she made pact to return with them if they helped. Grail disappears with the child-Darkseid, which he was reduced to once more.She hopes for a second chance for both of them. Superman learns he is dying. Luthor returns to Apokolips to Ardora and dons the Superman shield, installs himself as leader. Batman leanred from the chair that there have been three Jokers. Myrina told Diana she has a twin brother, Jason. Owlman has allied with Metron, freeing him. Owlman senses another, and he and Metron are incinerated. Cont'd in DC Universe Rebirth #1. 50


Issue Writer Artist Fourth World Characters
The Darkseid War
Justice League v.2 #40 (June 2015) Geoff Johns Jason Fabok Grail, Metron
Justice League v.2 #41 (Aug. 2015) Darkseid, Grail, Kanto, Lashina, Mister Miracle,
Justice League v.2 #42 (Sept. 2015) Darkseid, Desaad, Metron, Steppenwolf
Justice League v.2 #43 (Oct. 2015) Darkseid, Grail, Kalibak, Kanto, Lashina, Mister Miracle, Metron, Steppenwolf
Justice League v.2 #44 (Nov. 2015) The Black Racer, Darkseid, Grail, Kalibak
Justice League: The Darkseid War: Batman #1 (Dec. 2015) Peter J. Tomasi Fernando Pasarin
Justice League: The Darkseid War: The Flash #1 (Jan. 2016) Rob Williams Jesus Merino
Justice League: The Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 (Jan. 2016) Tom King Evan Shaner
Justice League: The Darkseid War: Shazam #1 (Jan. 2016) Steve Orlando Scott Kolins
Justice League: The Darkseid War: Superman #1 (Jan. 2016) Francis Manapul Bong Dazo
Justice League: Darkseid War: Lex Luthor #1 (Feb. 2016) Francis Manapul Bong Dazo
Justice League v.2 #45 (Dec. 2015) Geoff Johns Francis Manapul Ardora, Black Racer, the Blind Prophet, Grail, Kalibak, Kanto, Lashina, Mister Miracle
Justice League v.2 #46 (Jan. 2016) Kalibak, Kanto, Steppenwolf, Lashina, Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Metron, Grail
Justice League v.2 #47 (Feb. 2016) Jason Fabok Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Grail
Justice League v.2 #48 (Apr. 2016) Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Grail
Justice League: Darkseid War Special #1 (May 2016) Oscar Jimenez Darkseid, Grail
Justice League v.2 #49 (June 2016) Jason Fabok Darkseid, Grail, Barda, Mister Miracle
Justice League v.2 #50 (July 2016) Jason Fabok Darkseid, Grail, Black Racer, Mister Miracle, Barda, Bernadeth, Mad Harriet, Stompa, Lashina, Kanto, Steppenwolf, Kalibak, Metron