Adam Strange

Created by Gardner Fox, Ed Hamilton & Mike Sekowsky

Adam Strange

Alanna (wife), Aleea (daughter), Sardath (father-in-law)

Justice League of America, Seven Soldiers of Victory

Showcase #17 (December 1958)

+ History

Adam Strange was a mere archaeologist who was one day teleported to the planet Rann in the Alpha Centauri system. Their leader Sardath had invented the Zeta Beam, which could teleport matter over light years of distance. Rann was a dying planet and its gene pool needed new blood. Fortunately for them, Strange fell in love with Sardath's daughter Alanna. He became the planet's champion, defending against all kind of cosmic threat. Adam's time on Rann was always bittersweet. The Zeta Beams radiation would eventually wear off and he would be returned to Earth.

Adam also began a long-standing affiliation with the Justice League. This began rather behind the scenes when Adam vanquished the Tornado Tyrant. This entity was thought to be destroyed, but instead it began to roam the universe. (Mystery in Space #61) The Tyrant watched in the wings as Adam and the Justice League defeated Kanjar Ro. The Tyrant was overcome by their heroism and repented, becoming the Tornado Champion. The Champion left Rann in search of a world of his own. (Mystery in Space #75) Years afterwards, the Tornado Champion would come to rest in the android body of the Red Tornado, giving the android sentience.

But Strange's first encounter with the League was with their help in defeating the alien Kanjar Ro. Ro was at war with Hyathis of Alstair, Kromm of Mosteel, and Sayvar of Llarr. (JLofA #3) Afterwards, Flash proposes to offer Adam Strange Justice League membership. Adam declined, knowing that his commitment to Rann would keep him too busy for active JLA duty. He was awarded honorary membership instead. (#4) Soon Kanjar Ro returned and the JLA helped once again. (#24)

Adam was part of a one-time assembly of heroes loosely called the "Seven Soldiers of Victory." This group was arranged on Earth by Deadman. (The team never actually uses the SSoV name.) (Silver Age: Showcase)

Their most significant team up was to defeat the cosmic vampire known as Starbreaker. They successfully drove the monster away from the planet Rann, (JLofA #96) but towards Earth instead. Sargon the Sorcerer helped the League ward him off with his Ruby of Life. (#97-98)

At the conclusion of their next encounter with Kanjar Ro, Adam and Alanna were married. (JLofA #120-121) Alanna sought help from the JLA when Adam became deranged by residual Zeta-beam energy. They followed Adam to the 73rd Century and helped Strange overcome his dimentia. (#138-139)

Eventually Adam and Alanna bore a daughter, Aleea. (Adam Strange v.1 #3)

Starbreaker appeared once again to menace the Justice League and the planet Almerac. His physical was dispersed and he drifted bodiless and hungering. (Justice League America #63-64) His essence was discovered by Sh'ri Valkyr, a death cultist on the planet Thanagar. Her Cult of Seven Devils worshipped him as a god, the bringer of total armageddon. She learned of the Sardath's new technology: the Omega Beam which was capable of converting huge amounts of matter into energy for teleportation. She planned to convert the entire universe into energy and project it into Starbreaker. Sardath knew he had to hide this technology from her and so he beamed Rann and its three suns into an empty universe and replaced it with a supernova. (Adam Strange v.2 #7)

Sardath knew that Starbreaker could not be destroyed. He had to act so fast that he had no time to notify Adam of his plans. Adam knew that something was wrong when his next regular Zeta Beam didn't materialize. He knew something was wrong, and sought the help of Superman. The Man of Steel delivered grim news — the planet Rann had been destroyed when its sun went supernova. Adam was dejected, but the answers he craved would soon seek him out. Valkyr sent two alien bounty hunters after Adam. They claimed that Rann's dissappearance had been faked, and that Adam knew the secret. (#1)

Adam ran for his life in aerial combat with the aliens. He crippled the last of them, but its suit initiated auto-destruct. Adam was left without answers, but with a Zeta Beam teleportation device. Wasting no further time, he used the device to see Rann's fate himself. He teleported right into the corona of the supernova, then his device began to malfunction from the heat. (#2) He was rescued none other than Sh'ri Valkyr herself. She claimed that suspicion for Rann's destruction had fallen on Thanagar and helped Adam back to health. They discovered that the supernova bore no similarity to any of Rann's three stars. In fact, the nova had been transported to that spot from the Hydra Nebula.

Adam's potential knowledge was useful to the Thanagaians, but he was more useful as a scapegoat. High Councillor Thrall ordered Adam be brought back to their planet to take the fall for Rann's destruction. Valkyr would serve as his defender, but deliberately failed him. He was sentenced for execution. (#3) Valkyr saved Adam from his execution and "let" him escape so she could track his activities. His first stop would, of course, be the Hydra Nebula. There he found a device that appeared Rannian, and also found some unexpected allies — the Omega Men, who had predicted Adam's arrival. Together they discovered a powerful containment chamber, which Adam was able to open. (#4)

Adam discovered that the device they had found was a new Omega Beam, based on the Zeta Beam technology. It drew power from the very fabric of space/time which could make it the most powerful weapon ever created. Naturally, this is what Starbreaker was seeking; the device would enable him to devour the whole universe. Just then the Spider Guild came knocking and Adam discovered that someone had used the Omega Beam to teleport to the planet Maltus (headquarters of the intersetellar law enforcement agency, L.E.G.I.O.N.) The Spider Guild, who were clients of the agency tracked the Omega Men to Maltus and notified L.E.G.I.O.N.'s commander, Vril Dox. The Omega Men mangaged to dock on the planet and Adam soon discovered a great shock: none other than Sardath himself! (#5)

In truth, this individual was only a clone of Sardath. He gave Adam Rann's coordinates without hesitation, but then the Durlan masqerading as the Omega Men's Doc revealed himself. The Durlan killed the clone and Adam, Tigorr and Broot were captured by Dox. They were saved by another shock ally Alanna. (#6)

Adam was truly reunited with his family and finally found the explanation for Sardath's actions. His reunion was soon spoiled when Valkyr tracked them to that empty universe and unleashed Starbreaker on one of the three suns. They made a plan to attmpt to return Rann back to normal space and strand Starbreaker there. (#7)

Dox returned with a L.E.G.I.O.N. assault fleet and the last remaining Darkstars pitched in to stop Starbreaker. They successfully siphoned a considerable amount of power from him, but all three Darkstars were killed. Alanna delivered the killing blow to Sh'ri Valkyr but not before Valkyr changed the coordinates for the transport. The Omega Beam transported Rann back into normal space, but into the Polaris System — home of Thanagar. Adam had also asked Sardath to use the Omega Beam one last time to teleport some of the supernova elsewhere, but the device was destroyed. In under four years, the nova would consume the Sol system and Earth. (#8)

Rann's presence threw the planet Thanagar off its orbit, hurtling towards the sun. Adam returned to Earth hoping that his allies, Hawkman and Hawkgirl could help in this crisis. The Rannians helped save as many refugees as possible, but Thanagar's atmosphere ignited, and all refugees settled on Rann. All-our war ensued. Things worsened when they discover that Komand'r (Blackfire) was nearby and targetting Rann for a new Tamaranean homeworld. (Rann-Thanagar War #1)

+ Powers

Adam Strange has no superhuman abilities. He is a superb hand-to-hand combatant and highly skilled at aeriel combat, using his Rannian jet pack.

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