Created by Christopher Priest

Will MacIntyre

?? (father, deceased)

Justice League International

Justice League America #92

+ History

In post-Crisis continuity, Will MacIntyre was the engineer who first brought the founders of the Justice League together (Justice League America #92). He had disappeared after destroying the alien's time/space warp in the JLofA's first outing. As a result, he and any record of his existence and this mission was completely removed from the timestream for 10 years. He returned amid the time fluctuations of Zero Hour (Justice League International, v.2 #67, 8.94) and joined the Task Force. (J.L. International v.2 #68 (9.94)

During Underworld Unleashed, Neron gave Triumph a candle to make his heart's desire come true. According to Christopher Priest (former writer of JLTF), when this candle was lit (JLTF #37), he was to have regained the 10 lost years of his life, but been removed from JLA involvement once again. However, this was later contradicted in a statement that he did help bring the original JLofA together and was a JLTF member. (JLA #28, 4.99)

Regardless, he fell on hard times thereafter. Somewhere along the line, he began selling stolen JLA artifacts. One of these was a pen housing a genie named Lkz from the 5th dimension. Lkz restored Triumph to full power and coerced him to attack the JLA. He wound up angering the Spectre, who turned Will into a large ice crystal. (JLA #31 7.99) His fate is uncertain; his frozen form was aboard the JLA Watchtower when a powerful bomb was detonated. (#41)

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 Showcase '94 #12


 Triumph, 4-issue limited series (1995)