Ace of Space

Created by H. Weston Taylor and Harry Francis Campbell
ace of space

A.C. "Ace" Egan



Feature Comics #38 (November 1940)

Feature Comics #38–41 (Nov. 1940–Feb. 1941)

+ History

The Ace of Space, from Feature #39 (1940); art by Harry Francis Campbell.

Outer space themes were never Quality’s specialty. The longest running feature was Vernon Henkel’s “Space Legion,” which lasted just a year-and-a-half in Crack Comics. That strip featured a Flash Gordon-like lead character. The Ace of Space was the only super-powered space hero, lasting a mere four issues. Yet his origin story may sound strangely familiar.

One day as New York playboy “Ace” Egan was piloting his private plane, he encountered a red-and-yellow alien spaceship that had landed on Earth. A giant three-eyed, yellow-and-red alien emerged from within, looking ill. The creature was unable to survive in Earth’s atmosphere and predicted his own impending death. He communicated telepathically to Egan, warning him of an impending attack by an alien race called the Slogons. As he died, he bequeathed a power belt to Ace. (Feature #38)

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Ace's first adventure bore two creator's names, Harry Francis Campbell and H. Weston Taylor, but only Taylor's after that.The two also collaborated on features such as "Counterspy," "John Law," "the Scarlet Seal," and "Wizard Wells."

+ Powers

When he donned his belt of power, the Ace of Space grew to a height of nine feet, could leap to great heights, and had telescopic vision and telepathy.