16 April 2014

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28 March 2014

Recently: Justice League 3000 • Earth 2 • Worlds' Finest

There's a lot going on in these books! I like 3000. Porter's art is better than ever. Also, have you noticed that in Superboy, they're playing with some Legion lore? It looks like they are setting up for an all-new New 52 Legion (I'll summarize soon). And I'm wondering if the upcoming Future's End will deal with them in some way. If this is so, I take the previous Legion to have been from the pre-New 52 universe. Fingers crossed.

Read the full curerent chronologies: Earth 2 | Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


On Skorch 4 in the Fhe'erl System, fringes of Commonwealth space, a ship lands and assembles a stargate through which come the Justice League. It's their staging ground for a mission to the Five's base on Flatmas 12. They're warned to abort because the Five's Locus is there. Locus looks and acts like a nineteen year old girl and is seemingly omnipotent; she can manipulate reality. The Five's leader, Coeval, warns her that the League is on Flatmas. Coeval is a spontaneously generated Glimmernet life-form. He runs the Imperium. Locus rips the Flash apart, shrinks Green Lantern down and swallows him and makes him her new boyfriend, and sends the others to Takron-Galtos.

Justice League 3000 #2 (Mar. 2014)

Takron-Galtos is a prison planet that used to be called Earth. The cesspool is loosely governed by Sheriff Aaban Tariq, who brings in Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. He was appointed by Coeval to be an authority. Locus takes Hal to her reimagined home planet, Locus One. On Bradbury Seven, Ariel Masters works on transversal tech which she stashes on various worlds. Tariq alerts her to the Justice League's presence, which she immediately recognizes as her work on Cadmus come to fruition. She goes to Takron and Coeval tracks her. Superman calls Batman "Fledermaus."

Justice League 3000 #3 (Apr. 2014)

Ariel explains how the Justice League came to be. Cloning proved to be too costly and time consuming, and unstable. She created clones in the beginning of her tests, and all died. Instead she invented a way to use source DNA and bond it to a human host. Once infused, the host's DNA and mind is overwritten. Essentially, they die. The League were Philip K. Sung, Joshua N'obi, John Winston, Alicia Silvera, and Dennis Murphy. Aaban is taken over by the Convert, who is aided by Kali. Hal summons his cloak and escapes Locus One. The Wonder Twins resurrect the Flash, this time with brown hair. He has all the most recent memories. They ready to send him in with the help of their Firestorm.

Justice League 3000 #4 (May 2014)


First Contact Part 1: Huntress tells Batman her history, which triggers his own suppressed memory of his visit to Earth 2. Batman refuses to call in Superman but Power Girl's outbursts finally draw his attention anyway. He takes her to an isolated place and encourages her to let the energies go instead of controlling them. Batman traces her problems to Rheelasia, now called New Gammora, which is run by Kaizen Gammora. It's one of the fastest-growing economics in the world. Batman and Huntress go in undercover and meet Kaizen. When Superman and Power Girl follow, both their powers go haywire. NOTE: Kaizen Gammora first appeared in Stormwatch #40 (1996); the spelling of his last name has been changed.

Batman/Superman #8 (Apr. 2014)

First Contact Part 2: Batman catches Superman and Power Girl falling to Earth and outfits Superman with a kryptonite ring to tame the power surge. Batman and Power Girl go into the city and Huntress fends off an attack by ??. Power Girl finds Kaizen, who isn't surprised to see her. She's swayed by the memory of her Ken. He explains that she's been infected by nanites that detected left-handed molecules that don't exist in Prime Earth universe. Kaizen uses Karen to open a view portal to Earth 2. Batman discovers secret Kryptonian cloning experiments, which Kaizen unleashes on them.

World's Finest #20 (Apr. 2014)

First Contact Part 3: Power Girl is eager to jump through the portal but Huntress fears it's not their world. Kaizen reveals that he's working for Darkseid. Power Girl throws Kaizen through the portal while they argue. Just as the ladies decide to go through, Kaizen returns transformed into a giant terror, with two Parademons and leading the Superman of Earth 2, who calls Karen to return. She's convinced it's her true cousin and moves to cross over, but Huntress destroys the machine. Karen tells her that she was certain because Superman bore a scar that she'd given him in the past. Back on Earth 2, Kaizen is reverted to normal and regrets having gone there.

World's Finest #21 (May 2014)


The Atom and Sandman evacuate Moscow when Superman arrives. He uses his heat vision to sever the Atom's right arm, then beats him with it. Red Arrow is itching to act, but Batman is cautious. Sato tells them about the "final fallback," Amazonia. Dodds tells Khan that they have less than 100,000 troops there, of the 10 million under his command. They learn that "Project Beyond" has been activated. The private venture built a space ark for anyone wealthy enough to buy in. Not everyone makes it aboard and they're incinerated by the take-off. Superman intercepts it and tears the hull, killing all inside with the vacuum of space. Atlantis lies in the heart of the Dragon's Triangle in the Philippines Sea. Khan alls for Governor Alloroc but gets Aquawoman instead. Their communication is joined by Jimmy Olsen. Sloan, Mr. Terrific and Mr. Miracle are put to work to build a transport device. In Sloan's mind, Bedlam finds mention of the secret Kryptonian.

Earth 2 #21 (May 2014)

After Alan Scott was beaten, he was killed in the destruction of Steppenwolf's death. Now he is resurrected by the Green. Jimmy is 13 years old. Val's powers increase. Bedlam learns that he is Val-Zod and arrived long after Superman. Sloan tracked his ship and hid it from others. Lois takes Val for his first flight. His parents were scientists and pacifists. Bedlam shows images of Arkham and Superman notices Batman there. Hawkgirl joins them and Superman attacks with Parademons. One takes a large bit out of Hawkgirl's wing. As Superman prepares to kill Val, Lois intervenes, identifying herself. He's stunned.

Earth 2 #22 (June 2014)

23 February 2014

1986 Source-book promo poster. Art by ??

Legion Poster!

I finally added this poster to my collection. It's a nice high res scan, so save it to your computer and make a new desktop! This is from the series of sourcebooks by Mayfair Games.

16 February 2014


Next up is the original Infinitor, Atom-Smasher (originally Nuklon)! This character's was so poorly characerized by Roy Thomas during Infinity, Inc. But when Al Rothstein became a member of the Justice Society, things took a dramatic turn. It was fun to piece Al's puzzle together. He turned into a compelling character under Geoff Johns, as a player in the drama of Black Adam. In the New 52, Earth 2's Atom was created by James Robinson to have characteristics of Atom-Smasher's powers. » READ MORE…

15 February 2014

Recently: Earth 2 and Worlds' Finest

Well I'm not nervous anymore about Earth 2 in the absence of James Robinson. Tom Taylor has taken it forward at a breakneck speed. My only criticism is that I'm don't like that some of the characters have no link to anything Golden Age, like Aquawoman. I thought for sure there would be some fun connection, but instead she looks like a counterpart to Aquaman's wife, Mera. I have not followed Robinson to Marvel, I read some so-so reviews of his Invaders.

And Worlds' Finest is looking up as well with the crossover coming up. It needed a shot in the arm. The sooner we get back to JLA/JSA team-ups the better!

Meanwhile my non-New 52 bent continues. I'm reading the core Forever Evil, and Justice League books but most of the DC Universe leaves me cold. I've actively been seeking out things from other publishers and found rewarding solace in titles like Walking Dead, Invincible, Black Science, Astro City, and I'm back on the X-wagon again buying All-New X-Factor, Wolverine and the X-Men, and All-New X-Men. I get the excellent Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman/Wonder Woman, but only those. I won't buy any boring-ass book that Lobdell works on, so sad that Superman and Titans have been off the table.

I am still liking Justice League 3000. I'm actually relieved that Giffen has hinted that they aren't simply clones and there's surprises to come. In issue #3 we learn that Earth has become the prison world, Takron-Galtos, which means this is definitely not the same universe as previous Legions. » SEE: Keith Giffen on Justice League 3000: "They're Not Clones!" (5 February 2014)

Read the full current chronologies: Earth 2 | Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


First Contact Prelude: Power Girl harvests diamonds from the sea floor for money while her company struggles. Huntress grows frustrated with her friend's power loss and convinces her to seek help from Superman. At work, Karen's heat vision sparks uncontrollably. Batman allows Huntress to get into the Batcave and traps her.

World's Finest #19 (Mar. 2014)

First Contact Prelude: Just after her debut, Batman tested Robin on a case that followed up her mother's agenda against sex trafficking. He allows her to investigate on her own while watching over her. Supergirl would take secret trips into public and fell for a boy named Ken. His father was the leader of Gammora and they were at a Worldgov conference. She protected him from an nearby explosion. She tried to keep the building from collapsing but it was too much and Ken died under falling rubble. Afterwards she sought Helena for comfort. She worried about telling her cousin. While at the site of the explosion, Kara saw the blur of another woman, which they investigated. They found an artifact with traces of alien metals and radiation. They're ambushed by Fury who took the artifact. They track her to some base and are intercepted by Wonder Woman and Fury called for her father and escaped through a Boom Tube. Diana knows that Fury is her daughter. NOTE: Gamorra is a place from the Wildstorm universe, first seen in Deathblow #1 (1993).

World's Finest Annual #1 (Mar. 2014)


Dr. Fate mumbles incoherent prophetic things. Red Arrow is left to guard him as Parademons approach en masse. Jimmy tells Batman about the Army's secret prisoner, an alien. Red Tornado's vision detects a lower level and Aquawoman punches through the floor to access it. She takes the full brunt of a plasma cannon then introduces herself as Marella, Queen of Atlantis. She can pull water out of bodies. They surrender and open the cell to reveal a seemingly normal, young prisoner named Val. He's there of his own free will and has spoken to Terry Sloan. He becomes ill and Batman realizes it's because of his kryptonite; the boy is Kryptonian. Superman uses the Washington Monument to destroy the White House. Bedlam tells the scientists they are wanted for their studies in trans-universal travel. Darkseid wants to push Earth into Apokolips space. Bedlam will be controlling their minds. Jimmy has a photographic memory. Parademons massacre World Army forces. Hawkgirl is ready to airlift Batman and the others. Elsewhere, the Earth's green energy surges again.

Earth 2 #19 (Mar. 2014)

In the sky, Aquawoman uses water in the clouds to drown Parademons. She returns to Atlantis but gives Batman a shell which can call her. Batman and the others go to the Batcave, along with Dr. Fate and Red Arrow (Connor Hawke). Val becomes afraid. He is agoraphobic from having been raised in a small ship. Superman destroys all major places of worship. Jimmy and Lois have never met, but he guesses that she was with Superman. Lois tells Val that he will have great powers under the sun, and convinces him to go outside. She is convinced there is nothing of her husband left in Brutaal. NOTE: In pre-New 52 continuity, Connor Hawke was the son of, and successor to Green Arrow.

Earth 2 #20 (Apr. 2014)

Batman's parents were murdered in 1979, in Park Row of Gotham City, now called Crime Alley. Joe Chill was the hired gun who turned up dead in 1994, along with other thugs with links to the Falcone crime family. All had their skulls crushed. Batman broke into Frankie (Francesco) Falcone's compound for answers and injected him with a truth serum. He learned that the only connection in the deaths was Thomas Wayne—Bruce's father. He learned that Thomas and Falcone were friends after Wayne had saved his life in 1971. Through Falcone, Wayne met future wife Martha and they lived a decadent lifestyle of parties and drugs. Jarvis Pennyworth was his chauffeur and more. In 1973 Bruce was born and the Waynes withdrew and Frankie sent three thugs to beat him. He was saved by Jarvis. While there, the killer appeared and Batman fought saved Falcone's life the the killer ran off. He trailed him and when found, Batman fingered him as Jarvis. Instead he was shocked to discover that it was none other than his own father, Thomas Wayne. When he woke he learned that Thomas had faked his death with the help of Leslie Thompkins. Bruce was enraged; he'd dedicated his life to a cause based on his parents' deaths. Wayne was now 65 and he used a drug called Miraclo to give him super-strength for an hour at a time. He stole it from an old colleague named Rex Tyler. Bruce left and shut him out though Thomas watched at his son's wedding and birth of his granddaughter. Thomas returned and killed Falcone. He admits that he might be addicted to the Miraclo. NOTE: In the original release of this issue, Miraclo's inventor was named Res Mason, which is the alter ego of Metamorpho. Writer Tom Taylor confirmed in an interview that this was a mistake.

Earth 2 Annual #2 (Mar. 2014)

9 February 2014

Brain Wave!

Brain Wave was an arch nemesis to the Justice Society. He had a son with the super-hero, Merry, and that son went on to join other heroes in Infinity, Inc. The character went through some dark and embarrassing times, but was in top form in his most recent appearances, in JSA All-Stars. The character has not yet been reinvented in the New 52.

The father passes his gifts—and his madness?—on to his son. From Infinity, Inc. #10 (1985); art by Jerry Ordway.

Henry "Hank" King inherited his father's mental abilities. He was conceived during the brief time when the Brain Wave had united with Merry Pemberton and reformed his criminal ways. Upon the elder King's relapse however, Hank's mother left with the boy and disappeared. Hank eventually learned the identity of his father and Merry left her son as well. Hank was told the lie that she had committed suicide. Her true motivation and course of action are still a mystery. Hank was also ignorant of Merry's maiden name, Pemberton, until he discovered that the Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton) was his uncle! All Sylvester knew was that she had forsaken the Pemberton fortune and disappeared. » READ MORE…

Updates: Batman of Earth 2 + Aquawoman

This profile is updated with all the juicy details from the most recent issues.

1 February 2014

Superman of Earth-22!

With Lois in her last moments. From JSA Kingdom Come Special: Superman #1 (2009); art by Alex Ross.

Did you forget that the Superman of the Kingdom Come Earth was a member of the Justice Society? This profile pulls together all the strands of this great Superman, from K.C., Justice Society, and through the birth of he and Wonder Woman's son in The Kingdom.

"The Superman of this world was Kal-El, and lived an early life that seems much the same as that of his mainstream counterpart (officially, on Earth-0). Earth-22 had similarities to Earth-2, which was the home of DC's Golden Age heroes. Its super-heroes had been active longer than on Earth-0. Its elders included the trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Alan Scott as Green Lantern. By this time, most senior heroes of the Justice League (there was no Justice Society) had retired and there was a whole new generation of heroes carrying on their legacies. » READ MORE…


This profile led to an update and split for the Magog/Gog of Earth-0 (who was also a JSA member), and the Magog/Gog of Earth-22. The former still needs to be updated with the end of Magog's story. He died in the Final Crisis.

18 January 2014


In the Tower of Fate. From All-Star Squadron #23 (1983); art by Jerry Ordway and Mike Machlan.

Moving on to another bit player in Justice Society lore. There have been three Amazing-Men, but none was ever really used to great effect. I will say that Geoff Johns did very well at making the Justice Society a diverse group, and quietly. When Amazing Man III was a member, the team also had Mr. Terrific, Lightning, Jakeem Thunder, and Judomaster.

"Will Everett was raised in the South to a family of sharecroppers. When young Will defied their landlord, they were forced to give up farming and migrated to Detroit. Will studied and trained in track and field, becoming so good that he qualified for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Alongside Jesse Owens, Everett won a gold medal at Adolf Hitler's pet event. Despite having gained international acclaim, Everett was unable to find good work upon his return to the U.S. and eventually wound up as a janitor at a laboratory owned by Dr. Terry Curtis."  » READ MORE…

Justice Society Wallpaper!

I came across a great spread and have fashioned it and another classic moment into wallpaper for you! These images are used in the History of the Justice Society!

The JSA returns from Limbo, into their own monthly series. From Justice Society of America v.2 #1 (1992); art by Mike Parobek and Mike Machlan.


The all-new JSA. From Justice Society of America #9 (2009); art by Dale Eaglesham and Ruy José.

14 January 2014

Star Boy (Starman VIII)

Alas poor Star Boy! Collateral damage in the last Legion series. An ignoble end to all of Geoff Johns' build-up for the character. Then again one could say that of the entire Levitz return. This profile takes you through Thom's roller coaster ride to Kingdom Come, the Justice Society, and back home to the 31st century...

Thom's final fate. From Legion v.7 #23 (2013); art by Scott Kolins.

"When the Legion Rejects—calling themselves the Justice League of Earth—took over planet, the Legionnaires were forced into hiding. One group undertook a mission into the 21st century to save the heroes who'd inspired them. Brainiac 5 refused to give medical clearance to Star Boy. But when he heard that the mission involved an "unsettling" task (to exhume Superboy), Star Boy switched places with Colossal Boy at the last minute. Brainiac 5 fitted them with mental blocks in order to shield the mission from Saturn Girl, and most took up new, secret lives in the past. Somehow Star Boy crossed over to an alternate Earth—Earth-22—where he became known as Starman.   » READ MORE…

Also, at Comixology!

I just noticed that Robinson and Smith's The Golden Age is being released digitally! They're up to issue #3 of 4. This series was a fantastic follow-up to the All-Star Squadron. It ultimately was published as Elseworlds, but James Robinson once told me (in my interview for the Quality Companion) that he'd pitched it to be in-continuity.

11 January 2014


Although I plan to do a full summary of Wildcat's Golden Age adventures (and all JSA members), this profile is very well fleshed out. Lots of new pics take you through the Wildcat legacy.

Tom Bronson takes a dream-trip back in time, sees his father carrying his mother away from a battle against Tigress. From Justice Society of America 80-Page Giant #1 (2010); art by Jerry Ordway.
"Wildcat's second son was the product of his affair with the spitfire, Marilyn Bronson, a woman whom he saved from the Gambler. Ted and Marilyn were together for only one night but he also discovered that she was a super-human. She was a were-cat, and helped Wildcat fight the Huntress. Bronson was knocked out in the fight and Ted took her to see Dr. Mid-Nite. The doctor gave Marilyn a drug to help curb her transformations and informed her that she was pregnant. By that time, Ted had already decided to leave her alone—"for her own good." He never learned of her pregnancy and she bore a son, Tom Bronson, who inherited her power to become a man/cat.   » READ MORE…

7 January 2014

Cyclone + the Red Tornado (Golden Age)

Next up in the pre-New 52 updates is Maxine Hunkel, aka Cyclone. Cyclone was a member in good standing in the JSA through the end of Geoff Johns' run, and right up to the New 52. Her grandmother was the original Golden Age Red Tornado, and she was inspired by Red Tornado III, a character in Kingdom Come.

Meeting her predecessor, the Red Tornado. From Justice Society of America v.3 #5 (2007); art by Fernando Pasarin.


"At the age of six, Maxine was kidnapped by T.O. Morrow, the creator of the android Red Tornado. Morrow was attempting to lure the Red Tornado, and introduced nanobytes into the girl's body, which left her with the ability to create cyclonic winds. Maxine had already enrolled at Harvard when the Justice Society reassembled with a new mission to train so-called "legacy heroes." She was recruited by Power Girl and Mister Terrific and joined a bevy of new heroes at the new JSA headquarters. The new heroine took the name Cyclone and designed a costume with nods to the witch in The Wizard of Oz (even a pointy hat)…"  » READ MORE…

5 January 2014

Justice Society in Smallville

Such a major oversight at Cosmic Teams: I've neglected to cover anything about the JSA's appearance on Smallville. Well, I still haven't written up the TV appearances but whats better?! I have now covered the JSA-related appearances in the Smallville Season 11 comic book.

In the comic book continuation of Smallville, there have been three Justice Society related story lines. Jay Garrick has made a return appearance, and the concept of Earth Two was introduced. Another major story features Director Bones of the D.E.O., Wonder Woman, and Hippolyta. Here however, Earth Two is combined with the concept of Earth Three, where Clark is the evil Ultraman.

In the television episode that starred the Justice Society, this portrait adorned the wall. From "Absolute Justice," air date 5 Feb. 2010; art by ??.

"Their first contact with someone from Earth Two was in Smallville, where Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan Queen were investigating the crash of an unknown ship. It bore Queen's name and the pilot inside stood revealed as Chloe's own doppleganger from Earth Two. "Chloe Two" had run from an unrevealed pursuer who delivered a fatal blow to her. This Chloe warned Oliver that Earth Two was now gone." » READ MORE…


Smallville Legion Chronology

31 December 2013

The King + King Chimera

From JSA-All Stars #6 (2010); art by Freddie Williams II.

This one took a while because I opted to do a full review of King Chimera's father, the original Golden Age hero known as the King. Chimera was created by Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges when they took over writing for Justice Society of America. At that time, they knew the team would be splitting off into the JSA All-Stars…

"At some point, King Standish sought a source of higher knowledge and discovered an unnamed, distant land where he studied with a secret order. There he met a younger (unnamed) woman, a member of this order. Her people could manipulate sound and light to cast supernatural illusions. The order taught the hero their magics, and the King and this woman bore a son who was raised with her people's powers as well…"  » READ THE FULL PROFILE...

Read the Justice Society chronology

There's More!

Check back frequently! More profiles are underway and I've made updates to many Earth 2 characters, including the events from Batman/Superman #1-4. » SEE:


SupermanBatman Red TornadoJames OlsenWonder Woman + Fury

24 December 2013

Kid Karnevil aka the "All-American Kid"

Kid Karnevil was the creation of Bill Willingham, first introduced in the Shadowpact series, then used when the writer took over Justice Society. Karnevil infiltrated the JSA as the "All-American Kid," a fictional legacy hero in the spirit of Mister America.

Karnevil, up against the Detective Chimp. From " #1 (2006); art by Bill Willingham.

After the passing of Nabu, the last of the Lords of Order, a new Tenth Age of Magic began. (Day of Vengeance: Infinite Crisis Special) In this age, "wild magic" ruled and new champions and practitioners sprang up. Jeremy Karn aka Kid Karnevil allied with a group of mystical villains calling themselves the Pentacle. Led by Strega, they conjured a blood red dome around the town of Riverrock, Wyoming. This spell was intended to bestow the Pentacle members with immortality. The Phantom Stranger summoned the heroic mystics of the Shadowpact, who managed to cross Strega's barrier with the aid of the Phantom Stranger. From outside the barrier, a year passed and the Stranger employed various mystics to stand guard. (Shadowpact #1)  » READ THE FULL PROFILE...

Read the Justice Society chronology


14 December 2013

Recently: Justice League 3000 Debuts

I'm going to chronicle Justice League 3000 because it looks like it might just be Legion-related. They reference an apocalypse brought about by "the five," but one of the new characters, the Convert, is considered one of the Five. I liked the first issue. The premise is fun: you quickly learn that they are indeed clones of the original heroes, but having been raised in a vacuum, without their forebears' socialization, they revert to certain core personalities. They have some of their former memories.

My purchase of DC books continues to ebb. I've gone back to being an X-Men freak and it's very rewarding in ways that I'm not rewarded as a DC fan. Everything that Marvel is doing so successfully just makes me wonder why DC can't get a clue. I think they need to take the kid gloves off and stop producing so many "passable" comic books. Come on and wow me!

Read the full curerent chronologies: Earth 2 | Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


Huntress helps Karen dispel her excess energy. The infusion from space is unsuccessful; her powers remain unreliable. Tats returns to her master, ??, servant of the demon Xazdi, who has cursed her with the power to bring her tattoos to life. She must use his power or it will burn her up. She originally asked for the power. Huntress pursues her back to Xazdi's lair where she brings them down but awakens the demon. Power Girl joins and is forced to use an explosive bolt from Huntress' crossbow to destroy Xazdi.

World's Finest #18 (Feb. 2014)


Commander Kahn is impaled through his torso. Sandman is able to teleport him away. Mr. Terrific is forced to work with Sloan (named Terrence here). Superman takes both of them to serve in some plan for Darkseid. Batman tells Sato that he knew the previous Batman. His strength and endurance seem inhuman. Red Tornado stops him from beating on Sato. He is strong enough to resist the android's strength. She thinks he is Bruce. He survives a bullet to the head from Sato and first releases a darker-skinned Aquawoman. He seeks to release three people: Aquawoman (a name she detests); Jimmy Olson, who is super-powered—he can access information from anywhere and was known as "Accountable," leaking top secret World Army documents; Batman's last target is the Joker, whom he shoots. He alerts them that Parademons are emerging from the firepits. Flash draws Superman away, chasing around the world. When he's caught, Superman breaks Flash's leg.

Earth 2 #18 (Feb. 2014)


On Bradbury Seven, in the Hanuman system, early in the 31st century. Across the galaxy, life has collapsed into a more primitive state following a crisis ten years prior when The Five came. Billions died when technology failed. Ariel Masters stepped up to provide heroes for the people, working on Cadmusworld, part of a Commonwealth of worlds. Now she's on the run from Cadmus, using a holo-suit to conceal herself. Her successors are the Wonder Twins, Teri and Terry. They need Ariel to perfect their cloning process. They have sent in their new Justice League—Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern—out to capture the Convert, one of the Five, who employs mass mind control. They are called by name: Clark Kent, Hal, Barry, and Bruce Wayne. They're programmed with memories made from incomplete historical data. The Green Lantern Corps is despised. GL's cloak mimics a Green Lantern ring. Flash uses a force field because he has no friction aura. Superman has no heat vision.

Justice League 3000 #1 (Feb. 2014)

29 NOVEMBER 2013

Judomaster III/Sonia Sato

On the hunt for her father's killer, Tiger. From JSA All-Stars #7 (2010); art by Freddie Williams II.

Watch for some more updates! I'm going to move through all my JSA and Legion profiles to update them fully, even with pre-New 52 stuff. But in rolling through the new characters, I'll first hit those with crossover appearances in Earth 2. Why don't you start with reading the history of Judomaster III:

The female Judomaster originally appeared in Kingdom Come #1 (1996), the creation of Mark Waid and Alex Ross. This character had little "air time" and the story was set in an alternate universe (Earth-22). The original Judomaster was Hadley "Rip" Jagger. He first appeared in Special War #4 (November 1965), which was published by Charlton Comics. His adventures were set in World War II. This character and others from Charlton were purchased by DC Comics in 1983 and Judomaster's first DC appearance was Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 (1985). » KEEP READING…

Read the full Earth 2 chronology


27 november 2013

Recently: Earth 2 & Worlds' Finest

Up to date here on the events of Earth 2!

Read the full curerent chronologies: Earth 2 | Legion

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

Batman Prime is dropped at the Wayne Manor on Earth 2 where he meets Catwoman and learns that on that world, they're married. Superman Prime sees his parents in Smallville (they've died on his world). He lashes out at Batman 2 but Kaiyo brings Batman 2 back to Gotham and Superman 2 to Smallville instead where they clash. Martha Kent calms them. Earth 2's Supreme Court authorized a cryo-prison, which holds Aquawoman, Joker, Creeper, and Sinestro. Arkham is now an amusement park. Superman uses Mangubots to help protect Metropolis and solar energy is the primary fuel. The Supermen meet Lois Lane and Superman Prime learns they're married on Earth 2. Wonder Woman arrives and strikes Lois—Kaiyo has possessed her.

Batman/Superman #2 (Sept. 2013)

On Earth 2, Bruce Wayne met Clark Kent and Pete Ross when they were boys. Wayne's car broke down near the Kent farm and Clark invited him to play baseball. Bruce deduced that Clark was stronger than normal. Now Clark learns that Bruce has used an alien crystal to magnify the effects of kryptonite. They discover a NSA bunker hiding a much larger crystal. Kaiyo warns the heroes that the crystal is their only hope against Darkseid.

Batman/Superman #3 (Oct. 2013)

They argue over whether to destroy the crystal. When Superman Prime touches the crystal, it attempts to realize his greatest desire: resurrecting his parents. Superman Prime must fly for the first time to save Lois and Selina from their crashing plane. Superman Prime destroys the crystal with energy refracted from a Wayne satellite. Kaiyo says this was all a contest to see which world had the best champions. Because the Prime heroes wanted to save the crystal, she predicts a better outcome for their world. As she returns home, she erases all memories of the events. Back on Earth Prime, news mentions rogue robots created by Waynetech's Ralph Mangubat. NOTES: A man named Slade works for the government. A Wayne satellite uses Terrill conversion cells to refract energy of all kinds. Kaiyo's origin is told in Justice League #24.1 (2013).

Batman/Superman #4 (Dec. 2013)


Huntress escapes Desaad's bonds and he chooses to teleport them away rather than fight. Power Girl's powers begin acting unreliably.

World's Finest #15 (Oct. 2013)

Huntress stumbles upon an arson case in New York City during Fashion Week. The super-powered perpetrator escapes her. Karen struggles to regain her company from the Holt impostor (Desaad), while the tabloids sensationalize her fall. With Power Girl's help, they fare no better. PG's powers continue to be unpredictable.

World's Finest #16 (Nov. 2013)

Karen hopes that with her powers cutting out she might be able to get a tattoo, but it fails. Huntress has one of a cat and a bat. Power Girl charters a shuttle into space so that she can recharge from more direct solar energy. She absorbs and excess and plummets to Earth. The arsonist controls solid shadows.

World's Finest #17 (Dec. 2013)


Brutaal kills another one of the Sandmen. Hawkgirl seeks the eccentric Darcy Twain in Casablanca. It's a ruse created by Roger Sharpe aka Hazard, and his partner, Melody. Scott Free studied on Earth 2 with retired escapologist Shilo Norman, aka Mr. Miracle. Barda and Fury were both graduates of Granny's Finishing School. Their battle is interrupted by the Red Tornado "unit 1.3," on orders from the World Army. NOTES: Hazard and Melody are modern interpretations of the JSA villains the Gambler (1st app. Green Lantern #12 (1944), and the Fiddler (All-Flash #32, 1947), respectively. Hazard was also the name of the original Gambler's granddaughter (Infinity, Inc. #34, 1987). Shilo Norman was originally the third Mr. Miracle (Mister Miracle #15

Earth 2 #15 (Oct. 2013)

Brutaal kills all aboard the plane of Gen. Foster. Lee Travis continues to report from the battlefield. Brutaal and Steppenwolf seemingly kill Green Lantern. After, Brutaal unexpectedly kills his master and unmasks himself—he is Superman! He opens a rift across the earth stretching from Europe into central Asia.

Earth 2 #16 (Dec. 2013)

Tom Taylor begins as writer

The last of Dodds' other Sandmen is killed. On the orders of General Lane, Dr. Robert Crane uploads the stored psyche of Lois Lane into the Red Tornado. Superman closes in on their location: the World Army's Arkham base. Meanwhile, Batman infiltrates their stasis chambers intent on releasing their prisoners to fight. When Superman destroys the facility, Sam Lane is killed. Batman tells Sato that he's been a criminal and a madman. NOTE: In original continuity, Crane was Robotman (1st app. Star Spangled Comics #7, 1942)

Earth 2 #17 (Jan. 2014)

Grundy returns to Earth like a comet. His story began in Slaughter Swamp, 1898. A man named Solomon and his wife Pinney work for the Henry Slaughterhouse. When Pinney is accosted by Henry, she commits suicide, leading Cyrus into a rage and killing everyone inside, then himself. He fell into the swamp and was reanimated by the Rot.

Earth 2 #15.2 (Nov. 2013)

When the Crime Syndicate shuts down the power to Belle Reve, she calls in support from Steel, the (Unknown) Soldier, Warrant, and Power Girl. They find Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang liberating O.M.A.C. The Thinker is manipulating them all to his own ends, and has Waller outfitted with a collar-bomb. (#24) The Thinker has impersonated Amanda Waller and set the teams against one another. The Soldier deduces the problem and unites them, but Harley escapes with O.M.A.C. Waller is forced to work with James Gordon Jr. and access Project Y (in the series of Task Forces)—a god/monster called Kane. (#25) NOTE: The Thinker was originally a Golden Age Flash villain first appearing in All-Flash #12 (1943).

Suicide Squad v.3 #24-25 (Dec. 2013–Jan. 2014)


Infinity, Inc. of Earth 2 = Legion

Hey remember how James Robinson said he thought that Infinity Inc. could work as Earth 2's Legion? As reported by Bleeding Cool:

[Robinson] is kicking around an idea for an Earth 2 ‘Legion of Superheroes’ and calling it Infinity Inc., which could also allow him to bring back Jade and Obsidian. Geoff Johns apparently has plans for Stargirl.

After I heard that I started sketching—something I hadn't done in years. My fanboy visions are below—no fewer than 14 Infinitors! In searching I also discovered that the writer over at the excellent New Earth 2 blog has also put some thought into this issue. That blog post is an excellent summary of any and all JSA/Legion connections. He imagined Jakeem Thunder as Lightning Lad, a female Brainwave and Amazing-Boy as a Cosmic Boy analog. Thinker 5 as Brainiac 5; Atom-Smasher as Colossal Boy; Kyle Knight as Star Boy; Jesse Quick as XS.


The super-boy of steel. May be descended from Power Girl. Uniform nods to Ferro Lad, Iron Munro, and Superboy II.


From the legacy of Wonder Woman. Uniform has nods to 1970s Saturn Girl.


Danny Blaine (the alias used by Thom Kallor in the 21st century).



From Starhaven, descended from a colonial Thanagarian group, and Hawkgirl. Named for Dawnstar's brother, and modeled on Northwind.


Twin sisters. Jade possesses a power pulse, current avatar of the Green. Nods to Shadow Lass's Silver Age costume.
Obisidan can phase. Nod to Phantom Girl.


Legacy of Dr. Midnight, with nods to Batman and Cosmic Boy.


Coluan with mental abilities, descended from the 21st century alien conqueror. A hybrid of Brainiac 5 and Brainwave Jr.


Cousins from the legacy of the Atom and modeled on Shrinking Violet and Colossal Boy/Nuklon.


Trickster/magician. Inspired by Merry the Gimmic Girl with nods to the White Witch and Projectra. Possibly still the sister of Dreamer, which could explain their light complexions.


A sand-girl inspired by Morpheus, Gaiman's Sandman. This Dream Girl has a connection to the Dreaming. Her legacy includes the JSA's Wes Dodds.


Warrior of the Reach, empowered by the Silver Scarab. No obvious Legion parallel.


Android construct with the power to bend time. Created by Tylerco. A hybrid of the original Kid Quantum and Hourman III.


From Legion of Super-Heroes v.7 #23 (2013); art by Kevin Maguire.


Long Languish the Legion?

Well there you have it, a milestone in the history of the Legion of Super-Heroes: canceled with no plan for the franchise (to my knowledge). With no clues whether JLA 3000 will be tied to the Legion, fans are bereft. How would I solve it? Several ideas:

  1. Return to Geoff Johns's vision for it. A true revival with all the best Legion elements and lots of new shake-ups. And a writer who will draw new fans.
  2. Bring the space drama back, something like the Abnett/Lanning/Coipel period.
  3. Leave it on hold for a while and have the Legionnaires start popping up in the Superman titles. This is how they became popular in the first place, right? Make them frequent guest stars in Supergirl and Superman and see where it goes.
  4. Infinity Inc.: this concept was proposed by James Robinson as the Earth 2 Legion. Use the characters who used to be in Infinity Inc. and spin them into the future. (BTW, I did sketches of what those Legionnaires might look like! Gotta refine and scan...)
  5. And side note: this would all be a lot easier if DC would (again) acknowledge multiple Legions and be done with it. There was a hint with Supergirl and the Threeboot Legion that when heroes traveled through time, they often might cross over to a parallel Earth as well. Explains a whole lot.

I hadn't chronicled the penultimate issue here yet so, … Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad arrive on Earth to confront the Persuader and Tharok, but are quickly put down by the Emerald Empress. She captures Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad follows them through a portal to the Promethean Giant. When Saturn Girl recovers, she turns the tables on the Empress, and Polar Boy and Invisible Kid return from the Dream Dimension. Tharok fully activates the Promethean, declaring it his fifth member. But Projectra then commands the Giant to "awaken" to the reality of his situation. When it realizes it's being manipulated, it defies Tharok. Polar Boy freezes Tharok solid. Luornu and Chuck ready to bury her fallen duplicate. Karate Kid (Val Armorr) has returned (according to Projectra "I thought your soul was lost forever"). No other details are given. (Legion #22)

In the final chapter then, the galaxy picks up the pieces. Sun Boy is memorialized on Shanghalla, but there is no body. Dream Girl confirms that Star Boy has died (we had only seen him left behind in issue #18). Colossal Boy returns to costume in order to pitch in the cleanup effort. Ultra Boy is convinced that Phantom Girl—still missing—is alive somewhere. Brainiac 5 struggles to help the United Planets recover its technological foundation. Duplicate Damsel scolds him for his arrogance and threatens to reveal the fact that it was he who opened Brainiac's original armory—from where Tharok gained his powers. Bouncing Boy tries to show the Legionnaires something he's found: something about a speared shirt once worn by Superman. Shadow Lass takes Mon-El home to Daxam. The United Planets disbands the Legion. Element Lad is without a home, but Gigi proposes a future for him with the Science Police. On Naltor, Dream Girl wonders if everything was just a bad dream. Chuck wonders if in another universe, things turned out differently. He mentions that Superman was killed by Steppenwolf—which happened on Earth 2. Karate Kid and Projectra return to Orando. The founders rest on Winath with their children. Brainiac 5 has returned to Colu. (Legion #23)

Some similarities strike me about the way this ended, almost like the Legion v.3 series ended after the Magic Wars. Mon-El near death, the founders all non-involved. Brainy remaining one of the most active. Things generally in ruins.

This ending does nothing to make the Legion easier to follow. Adding another offshoot to their timeline is just one more barrier to a lot of people who might enjoy this title. I think it needs a new voice, someone's whose angle is not tied to the past. I had hoped that Geoff Johns would take the reigns when they came back to their own title, but now I feel like I want something like Saga. Have you been reading it? Wonderful and beautiful, a space opera with all the juiciest bits.

Dangling plot threads:

What Earth was the New 52 Legion really from?

Is Star Boy really dead?

How did Karate Kid come back?

Where did the Black Witch and Glorith go?

Did Sun Boy's essence survive somehow?

Where did Phantom Girl end up?



The Whistling Skull and Knuckles.
From JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull #3 (2013); art by Tony Harris.

3 August 2013

JSA Liberty File: The Whistling Skull!

I've finally gotten around to reading and summarizing this series. I wish I'd read about it in the comics press before reading the series itself. If you don't, you'll spend your whole time wondering where the freaking JSA is in the story! They barely appear.

It's because The Whistling Skull began as a proposal for a series of mini-series (like Hellboy) by creators B. Clay Moore and Tony Harris. The pair had finished Ex Machina, published under Wildstorm, and their next project, the "Furuther Adventures of the Whistling Skull," was announced in April 2010. But when Wildstorm was shuttered in preparation for DC's "New 52" makeover, the Skull's future was uncertain. The pair repitched this series to DC editors (including Jim Lee, former head of Wildstorm), and miraculously, it was picked up. Harris credited DC with the "willingness to marry and ‘seat’ Skull firmly in the JSA: Liberty Files universe that I was a part of creating in years past.”


13 JULY 2013

Recently: Earth 2, Legion, and More!

Whew it's been a very busy three months. I started a new job April 1 and my free time has disappeared! I managed to put up some new JSA stuff, started a Pinterest page. Meanwhile, a bunch of stuff has been happening that I detail for you below, in issues relative to Cosmic Teams!

The Legion saves Clark from the sun's gravity. From Smallville Season 11 #53 (2013); art by Daniel HDR.

I have begun a Smallville Chronology as it relates to the Legion as well. See it in progress!

Read the full chronologies: JSAnU | Legion | Legion Lost

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)


Mon-El engages the Emerald Empress. Her final blow severs his arm. Element Lad imprisons her in inertron. Invisible Kid's latent teleportation abilities sweep he and Polar Boy away to the dream dimension. Tharok sends the Persuader to Earth. Validus emerges on the Sorcerers' World.

Legion v.7 #19 (May 2012)

Phantom Girl despairs and retreats to her home dimension. Glorith is reunited with Blok and the Black Witch. Tharok says the chip he took from Colu "stole his humanity." Validus pounds his way to the gem at the heart of the Sorcerers' World. Together, Mysa and Glorith (heir to the power of time) remove the planet from it's place in the universe. Ultra Boy and Chameleon Boy are returned to Earth, greeted by the Persuader who stands over Duplicate Damsel's body. NOTE: Cover by George Pérez.

Legion v.7 #20 (June 2012)

Tharok restores the quark relays to lure the Legionnarires back to Earth, where it looks as if the Persuader has killed Duplicate Damsel. Chemical Kid aids in sustaining Mon-El's internal chemistry. Invisible Kid and Polar Boy encounter the Legion's dead who warn them that when they return, death awaits them. Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad return to help.

Legion v.7 #21 (July 2012)


Part 1: When Booster Gold goes into battle against a monstrous snowman, his Legion flight ring rejects him and ceases functioning. Blue Beetle saves him and takes the glory. When Booster visits Clark, the Legion ring transports them to the 31st century. NOTE: This series was released digitally first. The three issues sub-arcs were issued in print as Smallville Season 11 #13-15 (2013).

Smallville Season 11 #42 (12 Apr. 2013)

Part 2: Skeets secures a building with a 1000 year lease, buries himself and reemerges in the 31st century. Lightning Lad and Brainiac 5 escape from the Earthgov. Clark learns that Earth has a new neighbor: New Krypton.

Smallville Season 11 #43 (19 Apr. 2013)

Part 3: The Legionnaires retreat with Clark and Booster to Smallville. A lost Kryptonian colony, Argo, has appeared and applied for membership to the United Planets. They descend from the Kandorians freed by Clark. When Clark propelled them across the universe, they took up residence on Argo and built a new society. Minister Kirt Niedrigh serves the xenophobic Earthgov, opposed to New Krypton and barely tolerating the Legion. Clark breaks into their base and discovers his cousin, Kara. NOTE: Unlike his other Legion appearances, Niedrigh aka Earth-Man does not appear to have super-powers.

Smallville Season 11 #44 (26 Apr. 2013)

Part 4: Six months ago, Kara took Clark's Legion ring and was greeted in the future by Brainiac 5 and taken in by the Legion. When Argo appeared, Supergirl led the diplomatic mission but it was sabotaged by someone in Earthgov. The Kryptonians use gravity buoys to travel through space between the planets. Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy go undercover to stop Earthgov spies on New Krytpon. They prevent an explosion and are met by an angry Eradicator Beh-Osk. Clark and Kara arrive and the Kryptonians bow to him. NOTE: Legionnaires appear in cameo: Dawnstar, Wildfire, Karate Kid, Ferro Lad, Star Boy.

Smallville Season 11 #47 (17 May 2013)

Part 5: Booster stole Clark's Legion ring from the museum where he worked, in the 25th century. Brainiac can find no reference to him in history. Clark discovers from the Chancellor Pa-Vel that they worship Faora. Saturn Girl gives the order to call in all Legionnaires.

Smallville Season 11 #48 (24 May 2013)

Part 6: Booster saves a blue-skinned, feral alien (described as Dumakan) from police. Faora and Zod experimented with DNA and the result was Davis Bloome, aka Doomsday. She was with child when he killed her. Earthgov has used the DNA of her unborn child to create a weapon, a new Doomsday. NOTE: The Dumakan is probably Catspaw, whose original name was April Dumaka.

Smallville Season 11 #49 (31 May 2013)

Part 7: Cosmic Boy addresses a large assembly of Legionnaires The new Doomsday is unleashed and war breaks out. NOTE: First Legionnaire appearances include Projectra, Timber Wolf, Shrinking Violet, Dream Girl, Invisible Kid, Phantom Girl, Ultra Boy, Sun Boy, Element Lad, Chameleon Boy, Bouncing Boy, and Triplicate Girl.

Smallville Season 11 #51 (14 June 2013)

Part 8: Kara leads the Legionnaires and Saturn Girl accompanies Clark to New Krypton to stop Doomsday. The Kryptonians' gravity bomb detonates above Earth.

Smallville Season 11 #52 (21 June 2013)

Part 9: Clark redirects the gravity buoys to the sun and takes Doomsday on a one-way trip. He intends to sacrifice himself as well. The Legion save him by forming a chain to help pull him free from the sun's gravity. Back on Earth, Clark runs into the young Bart Allen, running from his mother. The worlds begin making peace. Brainiac 5 returns Clark's Legion ring to him. Kara elects to stay, feeling at peace for the first time.

Smallville Season 11 #53 (28 June 2013)


Supergirl recovers from kryptonite poisoning on the Proxima-One, which focuses solar energy. She's attacked by someone with a grudge against Kryptonians, and when knocked unconsious, Power Girl begins feeling sick as well.

Supergirl v.6 #18 (May 2013)

Power Girl intercepts Supergirl's unconscious body from the military personnel and revives her. When they touch, they exchange memories. Luthor sends Appex to attack them. The poisoning returns and Power Girl takes her to her Kryptonian underwater sanctuary. It heals Supergirl and produces a new uniform for Power Girl. It then deduces that since they have the same DNA, one must be a clone, and be destroyed.

Supergirl v.6 #19 (June 2013)

The Sanctuary performs a chromo-scan on the Karas and deduces that Supergirl is a clone. They're forced to destroy it.

Supergirl v.6 #20 (July 2013)

Clark Kent first met Bruce Wayne in Gotham City, where they argued immediately over a case of childhood bullying. Kent was investigating the murders of Wayne Enterprises employees in Metropolis. Later in Metropolis, Batman first met Superman. Catwoman was lured there as well, possessed by a malevolent spirit. The men fought and the spirit left Catwoman then activated a Boom Tube to Earth 2. Both Superman and the Batman of Earth 2 were transported to Smallville. Batman protected himself with kryptonite. Superman beats on Batman until Jonathan Kent intervenes, all as the spirit watches.

Batman/Superman #1 (July 2013)

Desaad shows his true face to Power Girl and Huntress while the rest of the world believes he is Michael Holt. Months earlier in Tokyo they discovered that Hakkou was a Yakuza named Ryouta. Karen enjoys being a celebrity, a reaction against having been kept in seclusion by her cousin. After the Holt/Desaad incident, the public turns against her and her company's stock falls. Karen is lured away by an explosion at her Cambridge lab, and Desaad attacks Starr Island killing Somya(?) and others. NOTE: Power Girl wears her new uniform.

World's Finest #12 (July 2013)

The girls find evidence at the SEC of Desaad's mechanations and they're attacked by a mutant dog (probably transformed by Desaad from human); it destroys one of Huntress's safe houses.

World's Finest #13 (Aug. 2013)

Desaad attacks Huntress in her Catskills safehouse, and a Starr facility in Oxford, England. A Parademon manages to kidnap Huntress through a Boom Tube, which Power Girl follows her into.

World's Finest #14 (Sept. 2013)

Lee Travis broadcasts the battle between Dr. Fate and Wotan. For his own sanity, Khalid asks Jay to call him Dr. Fate, to keep a division in their identities. Jay's uniform is a manifestation of his powers. He modifies it slightly. To level the playing field, Fate takes the battle back to Earth. Nabu counsels him to channel the magic of the gods of Egypt. Green Lantern and Hawkgirl travel to Macau, China and find a collection of dead Parademons. Their lead came from mob boss Eddie Kai Lung. The Green summons Alan away and he cannot refuse, leaving Hawkgirl in China. G.L. and Flash keep the World Army at bay. When Wotan transforms his body, Dr. Fate prevents him from returning to normal, then blasts him away. They all retreat to Alan's GBC headquarters/home, where they learn his identity. He proposes using GBC as a publicity machine and invites them all live there, including Hawkgirl. News spreads that Steppenwolf is in Dherain. NOTES: In this month, the "Channel 52" featurette in the back of all DC titles chaned to "Channel 2" with reporter Molly Mayne, who along with the android MC2 reports on a new Batman, a fire in New York put out by a tornado and aided by a woman in a fire-retardant suit (who looks like the original Red Tornado). In original continuity, Mayne was the Harlequin (1st app. All-American Comics #89, 1947). MC2 resembles Mekanique, from Infinity, Inc. #19, 1985. Lee Travis was first mentioned in Earth 2 #7 (Feb. 2013). In original DC continuity, this was the alter ego of the Crimson Avenger (1st app. Detective #20, 1938).

Earth 2 #12 (July 2013)

Five Years ago, when Parademons attacked Sgt. Pratt's division, their nuclear bomb went off and Pratt somehow survived. A year later, while undergoing psychotherapy, memories triggered his powers for the first time and he grew to giant size. He carries guilt for his men who died. Now he's sent to Phnom Penh after Henri Roy, an arms dealer wanted for war crimes. He was turned in by his son, Henri Roy, Jr., who is wanted for testing by Terry Sloan. Major Sato arrives to call him for a mission against Steppenwolf. The new Batman aides silently. Later he battles Jaime Encana, Mister Icicle, who was created by Kanto, the assassin of Apokolips. Batman shoots Icicle after the criminal refers him to Hawkgirl. Mister Miracle and Barda search for the new Batman in Gotham City; they're attacked by Fury. Khan briefs Captain Steel on his next mission: to the fire pit of Rio de Janeiro. NOTES: Captain Steel was first mentioned in Earth 2 #5. In original DC continuity, Commander Steel (1st app. Steel #1, 1978) was a World War II hero; his grandson became Steel (Justice League of America Annual #2, 1984); another grandson became Citizen Steel (Justice Society of America v.3 #2, 2007). One of the soldiers on the scene at the Atom's creation was named Terrill; this is the last name of the original Ray.

Earth 2 Annual #1 (Aug. 2013)

The World Army sends Captain Steel to Rio de Janeiro to investigate one of the Apokoliptian fire pits created by Terry Sloan. Most are lethal but this one has been benign, but people are now disappearing nearby. Khan mentions the Red Files, the World Army's first projects after the Ternion died. All have "red" as part of their code name. Red Arrow has been operating secretly in the field for years. Inventor Jim Lockhart created the Red Torpedo, which Steel pilots into the pit. Steel is Hank Heywood, Jr., born in Philippines. It's uncertain whether he was adopted. His father was a scientist who "fixed" his son's congenital defect bone defect by bonding metal to the boy's DNA, then his skeleton and almost his entire body. The metal gave him strength and some elasticity. During the war with Apokolips, Parademons came for the elder Heywood, who killed himself and destroyed his research. Junior escaped and went to the World Army. He was the first new wonder. He can also control machinery, anything metal, or make it move by will. He calls it the "mad metal." He serves as a soldier because he feels there's nothing else for him to do. He pilots the Red Torpedo into the fire pit. When he reemerges, he's battered and warns to seal off the pit, that the Red Lantern will destroy the Earth if she gets out. In China, Hawkgirl encounters Apokorats and is aided by the new Batman. he tells her to seek out Kanto, the assassin of Apokolips. It looks increasingly like Sam was mixed up in business to do with Apokolips. NOTES: Jim Lockhart aka the Red Torpedo was originally a Quality Comics hero (1st app. Crack Comics #1, 1940).

Earth 2 #13 (Aug. 2013)

Green Lantern plans to mount a publicity campaign using his network to gain the new wonders public support. He, Dr. Fate and the Flash attack Dherain. The World Army arrives with the Atom, the Sandmen, Red Arrow. Steppenwolf is ready with three wonders of his own: ??. They attack, killing one of the Sandmen. Other troops are led by British General Stormy Foster. Khan also has Mister Terrific as backup. NOTES: In the "Channel 2" backup, Molly Mayne reports the activities in Dherain. Stormy Foster was originally a Quality Comics character (1st app. Hit Comics #18, 1941). James Robinson previously created Von Hammer, Foster's great-grandson, in Superman #689 (Aug. 2009). Red Arrow was first mentioned in the previous issue; this is an alias for Roy Harper, aka Speedy aka Arsenal (1st app. More Fun Comics #73, 1941).

Earth 2 #14 (Sept. 2013)

14 May 2013

More Earth 2 Profiles!

Keep clicking! I have gone through all of the heroes you see below, recently adding Power Girl, the Spectre, the Huntress, and the Sandmen. In addition, this has led me to want to do more robust profiles of the original JSAers, something I feel better able to do now than in the past. But start here, there's lots to see and read. » SEE ALSO: Members


The AtomDr. FateFlash • Green LanternHawkgirlMr. TerrificThe SandmenThe Spectre


BatmanHuntress Power Girl SupermanWonder Woman & Fury

Variant cover to Earth 2 #8.

JSA on the Web!

Here are some other great things to read and see, in regards to Earth 2 and James Robinson. » SEE ALSO: Links


A great Tumblr blog, New Earth 2!

The Justice Society of America Revisited does some good things too.


Comic Vine: James Robinson Discusses EARTH 2's "Last Amazon" And More (6 December 2012) This features a piece art from the Earth 2 #8 cover variant, which I didn't know existed, by Nicola Scott.

MTV Geek: James Robinson (Still Won't Tell Us) Who Is The Batman Of 'Earth 2' (29 March 2013)

Newsarama: James Robinson Explores Wonders of New 52 EARTH 2 (6 December 2012)

Geekscape: Wonder-Con Wrap Up: A Quick Chat With James Robinson of DC’s Earth-2

Under the Radar: James Robinson: Creating a Metaphysical World (25 May 2012)

10 April 2013

Recently: Earth 2, Legion, and Action Comics!

I'm working at a few things aside from this! Read the Justice Society Intro! I did hella work on this, which is leading to my finally writing full profiles for all JSA members but it's quite the task. I'll start getting the New 52 heroes written up, too!

And I'm also sorting out the Grant Morrisson Action Comics run and will be posting those Legion-related events, too. The story was sprawling and jumped in time.

Here's what's been happening in issues relative to Cosmic Teams! Read the full chronologies:

JSAnU | Legion | Legion Lost

Sequence of Events

Issue (Date)

Power Girl creates an earthquake near Los Angeles as a cover to raid Holt Industries. Huntress tries to hack their systems and is attacked by T-spheres. She receives a call asking her to come to Gotham; Damian Wayne has been killed. She visits his grave at Wayne Manor. Just as Batman closes on her, Power Girl sweeps her away. Someone pretending to be Michael Holt appears (with aide Aleeka Musgrave).

World's Finest #10 (May 2013)

In Mali, Huntress finds Reynard, a man implicated in arms connected to the missing Wayne money. Then she breaks into Holt's mansion In Las Vegas, Karen attends a conference. “Holt” makes his appearance and shows his true colors: he is Desaad. They break into a government database and find no evidence of knowledge of parallel earths.

World's Finest #11 (June 2013)

Two years prior: Kendra and Khalid are on the run in Egypt. She is transformed, growing wings while he discovers the Helm of Nabu. In the Realm of Nabu, Karel Wotan (Nabu's ancient enemy) blackmails Flash into retrieving the Helm for him. When Khalid wore the helmet, he was overwhelmed by Nabu's spirit, thoughts and personality. After removing it, he suffered from insanity. He ordered the helmet to go where no one could get it—the Tower of Fate. Wotan represents a group who wants the powers. He transports the heroes inside where they face the Great Beast. Alan meets Sam Zhao's father in Wuxi, China. He's certain that Sam was the target of the attack, not Alan. Alan seeks out Hawkgirl in Louisiana for help.

Earth 2 #10 (May 2013)

In Egypt's past, Nabu fought Wotan, a female magician in her third lifetime. Her magic allowed for eternal memory between incarnations but she was cursed by Nabu to always bear green skin. Nabu died ten years later. Jay's blind courage inspires Khalid to take on the Helm of Fate against his better judgment, to save Jay's mother from Wotan. In St. Draemyre, capital of Dherain, Steppenwolf tells Fury of the “lost son” who escaped from them a year prior—Mr. Miracle and Barda have been hiding in now-devastated Gotham City. He sends her to capture him. Nabu mentions Khalid's dead guardian, Kent Nelson. He finds the helmet and agrees to be the agent of chaos and order and dubs himself Doctor Fate (he's a doctor of archaeology). Sanity: “if your will is strong, perhaps not. What you hear now are but echoes of my soul within the helm, to counsel you in your new role. In time my voice will fade and … if the man you are by then is ready alone, the future may surprise you.” When he first encountered the helm, he predicted Jay's destiny. He transforms and saves Jay from the Beast. NOTE: In original DC continuity, Mister Miracle and Barda first appeared in Mister Miracle #1 and #4 (1971)

Earth 2 #11 (June 2013)

Harmonia (newly elected deputy leader) and Dragonwing stave off protestors who blame the Legion for the power failures. Above Earth, Mon-El barely muscles a cruiser out of a gravity well. Glorith reveals that to teleport, she must be unrestrained, and only to her homeworld; she opens a portal to to it. Brainiac 5 directs the Legionnaires to scramble together pre-quark technology to build a cruiser. Gravity suspension fails and Legion HQ is destroyed just as they take off. Star Boy is left behind. Tharok controls the Promethean giants.

Legion v.7 #18 (May 2012)

3030 AD, Nugothrotropolis: The Legion works undercover in a world run by Universo. Cosmic Man, Saturn Woman, Lightning Man, Umbra, Shrinking Violet, Chameleon and Sensor (a snake, Wildfire also mentioned) break into their old headquarters after a Time Bubble. They are able to activate it for a one way trip. In the 21st century, Superman battles the Kryptonite men and Xa-Du who says “the little man blames you for everying.” Krypto comes to his aid. Jimmy and Lois save Mr. Triple X from an assassin (in hat), the Legion arrive to help. The little man unleashes Super-Doomsday. Backup: 2013: People gather in Metrpolis to welcome President Hiroshi Takaneda, who negotiated the end of the Antares War; he is Universo in disguise. They stop an assassin, Dolo Rol of Naltor who warns Takaneda will ruin everything, before he commits suicide. 7 years later Earth is under martial law. 2 years after that worlds secede from the U.P. NOTE: Pencils by Chris Sprouse. Costumes do not match those from Legion: Secret Origin.

Action Comics #16 (Mar. 2013)

The Legionnaires say their future happened because Superman died. They seek to prevent the Age of Universo by rewriting the past. They visit Mrs. Nyxly looking for him then go into the past too late to save the Kents. Forward to current day they take him back to when the kryptonite was stolen, then they urge him to head to Mars. They also visit Triple X in the hospital. Vyndktvx found that he needed help to bring down Superman so recruited his army. Ma and Pa Kent are killed in a car crash caused by Vyndktvx.

Action Comics #17 (Apr. 2013)

Ferlin Nyxly is a “damaged edge” of Vyndktvx, son of Myxyzptlk (aka/Triple X), who had five children with Nyxlygsptlnz (Mrs. Nyxly on Earth) and she died in labor. The only daughter was loved above the others. His wife escaped to the 2nd dimension iusinger her blood, connected to the color red in Superman's “S”. Susie returns with Captain Comet and the Wanderers, neo sapien superwarriors from half a dozen worlds (and based on the post-Crisis Legion era team): Photine (Quantum Queen) channels energies, Elvith of Assassin's World (Elvar), Quiller with spikes (Dartalon), [birdman] (Aviax). Comet is also a teacher to these people. He helps Superman to make the whole world say their names backwards simultaneously, which banishes him, because 5-D words are like thunder. He promised Mrs. Nyxly to grant her a wish involving the color red so he goes to Mars.

Action Comics #18 (May 2013)